New Information about Omicron

New Information about Omicron

The number of corona virus infections in the world is increasing at an alarming rate, however, there is new information about Omicron for researchers.

Patients with Corona virus type Omicron are 40% to 45% less likely to be hospitalized than those with Corona virus type Delta. A study published by the Imperial College London published that information; according to Reuters News.

Analyzing data from PCR tests in the UK, in the first 2 weeks of December 2021, the researchers said that based on an average observation of different data during the study, they found that the risk of being hospitalized was lower than that of Delta.

Preliminary research from Scotland and the United Kingdom has shown similar results. Jim McMahon, co-author of the Scottish study said: "Observations and statistical analysis suggest that there is a lower risk of hospitalization for those infected with Omicron".

It was found that the risk of being hospitalized is 66% lower than that of Delta when exposed to Omicron. That research was done in a short range. None of the people under the age of 60 were hospitalized in the study.

Another study in the UK found that the risk of hospitalization was lower by 20% to 25% as compared to Delta. Azra Ghani, a researcher at Imperial College London, said in a statement that "the booster dose could further reduce the risk of hospitalization". That ads to the good new information about Omicron.

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