The threat of world war.. Let the warlords agree

The threat of world war.. Let the warlords agree

Six decades after the outbreak of World War II, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has become a nightmare for the world and the threat of world war is feared, if the Third World War were to erupt, the very existence of the human race would be in jeopardy.

At the moment, at least 10 countries in the world have nuclear weapons. If World War III breaks out somehow, it could turn into a nuclear war. It will be a battle in which those who win will be forced to envy their exhausted opponents. Because it may be difficult for those who survive the nuclear war to lead a normal life.

Due to the fear of nuclear war, no world war has taken place in the last six decades. After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Western nations did not side with their allies to avoid a nuclear war. It can be said that the Russian white bears have chosen the policy position of avoiding world war as a tool of blackmailing. The conspiracy they have hatched to seize the independence of a neighboring peace-loving country is unfortunate.

Ukraine was the world's third largest nuclear weapon State after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They have destroyed their own nuclear weapons at the request of neighboring Russia and the United States. The two countries were reassured about Ukraine's security at the time.

However, now the Ukrainians are the victims of the egoism of the neo-Tsars sitting on the Moscow throne. Russia and Ukraine are our friends. Like all peace loving people of the world, the people of Bangladesh also want an end to the indiscriminate Russia-Ukraine conflict for their own benefit to avoid the threat of world war, to avoid a nuclear war. But everything must be done while upholding Ukraine's independence and sovereignty. Such an agreement would also be good for Moscow's powerful rulers.

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