UN OIOS Inaction
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UN OIOS Inaction

This is the third round of the case we reported under UN Broken Justice and UN Internal Injustice. This round shows the management corruption inside the UN and how the organization covers it up. Before we get into the case, these definitions are useful in understanding the legal terms: Appellant is the UN staff member, SLWFP is Special Leave With Full Pay, PAD is Performance Appraisal and Development, OIOS is the United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services, UNFPA ED is the UNFPA Executive Director, and Panel is the United Nations Joint Appeals Board (JAB) Panel.

The following are serious accusations of corruption against the UNFPA Executive Director, Ms. Thoraya Obaid,  and the UNFPA Human Resources Director, Mr. Sean Hand, therefore, the accused have the right to respond and challenge these accusations. It should also be mentioned that Appellant confirms submitting dozens of documents, concrete incidences and evidence supporting these accusations.

The Case

"Date: 24 October 2007

To: United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) Investigations Division

Subject: Abuse of Authority, Harassment, Mismanagement, and Waste of Resources by UNFPA Executive Director, Ms. Thoraya Obaid, and UNFPA Human Resources Director, Mr. Sean Hand.

Considering the statement of activities of the OIOS Investigations Division: "The Investigations Division operates the Hotline on a 24-hour, confidential basis. The Division protects the confidentiality of all who exercise their right to make reports to the Division, whether the investigation substantiates the report or not." "The Investigations Division follows up on reports of possible violations of rules or regulations, mismanagement, misconduct, waste of resources or abuse of authority."

Considering the recommendations of the United Nations Joint Appeals Board (JAB) in its Report Number [… dated …] May 2007:

  • The Panel voiced its deep concern about the manner in which Appellant had been treated.
  • The investigation process that Ms. Obaid referred to was nothing other than a formality to be launched to justify a foregone conclusion.
  • The Panel was thus of the firm view that UNFPA administration had disregarded its own rules and policies and violated Appellant's right to due process when it decided to terminate his appointment in February 2007, and that it represented arbitrary and unreasonable exercise of discretionary authority.
  • In light of the above considerations, the Panel concluded that the present request met the two conditions of staff rule 111.2. It thus unanimously recommends that the contested decision be suspended until a full-fledged investigation by OIOS or another appropriate investigative body is completed and decision thereon is taken.

I kindly request the OIOS Investigations Division to investigate this case as soon as possible.

The following acts constitute abuse of authority by the UNFPA Executive Director and the UNFPA Human Resources Director:

  • Removing my authority as […] without any justification
  • Assigning my work to my Deputy without my knowledge
  • Placing me and keeping me on SLWP without any justification
  • Rewarding the staff that helped fabricate reports against me, by contract extensions and desirable assignments
  • Not renewing contracts of staff who were fair and did not blindly appease the UNFPA ED and UNFPA Human Resources Director
  • Assigning the newly appointed UNFPA Deputy Executive Director to supervise my 2007 PAD although she has never supervised my work. In fact she joined UNFPA more than one month after I was placed on SLWFP
  • Trying to restructure the Division to abolish certain posts including [ my ] post

The following acts constitute harassment by the UNFPA Executive Director and the UNFPA Human Resources Director:

  • The ultimatums given to me by the UNFPA ED and Human Resources Director threatening me that if I do not resign I will be investigated and that investigation will lead to the termination of my contract
  • Isolating me by assigning my work to my Deputy and encouraging the Division staff not to attend Division staff meetings and not to interact with me
  • Denying my missions for no reason
  • Creating fear and confusion in my Division so that staff would be afraid to speak and deal with me
  • Investigating Division staff about my being in the premises and making it clear to them that I am not allowed to be there after I was placed on SLWP
  • Deliberately tarnishing my reputation by sending emails to staff informing them of the removal of my authority to "safeguard the interests of UNFPA".
  • Carrying out a campaign designed to destroy my career with the United Nations, after requesting me to transfer from [ … ], where I had a very accomplished track record and where I had every expectation for the renewal of my contract, then within one year from transferring from [ … ] to UNFPA, the UNFPA ED and the UNFPA Human Resources Director removed me from my job duties, placed me on unjustified SLWFP, and informed me of not renewing my contract without any justification.

The following acts constitute mismanagement and waste of funds by the UNFPA Executive Director and the UNFPA Human Resources Director:

  • Placing me on SLWFP for over 6 months based on an unfounded report, preventing me from carrying out the duties of my job, denying my due process rights, and wasting United Nations funds
  • Leaving the Division without a Director for over 6 months, while creating confusion and a negative image of chaos to external partners and donors which prompted some of the UNFPA donors to review UNFPA's actions
  • Wasting funds on conducting baseless investigations, paying external consultants fees to carry out such investigations, and paying for their international travel to conduct these investigations
  • Extending contracts beyond the mandatory retirement age as favors for UNFPA's top management inner-circle, while not renewing the contracts of at least 3 Division core staff members without known justification."

End of Case quotation.

The Cover up

Despite the above serious accusations, submitted in October 2007, as of the date of this article, Appellant confirms never receiving any response from OIOS regarding the outcome of that investigation, or any indication about whether that investigation was ever initiated.

Was that a cover up act to protect Ms. Thoraya Obaid and Mr. Sean Hand from investigations?

M. Alaadin A. Morsy

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I am deeply sadden to read about your case.

However, there are thousands out there in the UN just like you.

This is exactly what the UN does to the most qualified employees. It is history.

Think about it? With all the corruption and money stolen, they need staff that are stupid.

Look at every department, have you ever once seen a qualified personnel?

The UN mission is to destroy and get rid of those qualified, so as to get by with all their criminal activity.

They should have lost their Non-Profit Status years ago. No 501C-3 by law can operate and get away with it.

They should be stripped of their Non-Profit Status.

The main question is why are they still existing and why hasn't their Non-Profit Status been stripped?


Strange question and sober answer!
Of course, UNFPA episode and OIOS oversight process is just another example of the dynamics of law and justice inside the UN portals.
Strange is the world we live in; the more we try to make it better, the worse it becomes – or maybe it appears to be that way!  Let us not give up, for human evolution is destined to move forward not backward. 

MASRI Abdul Karim A.
Reply to  V.Muthuswami

Good day,

The word you just stated above are nice when justice exist or at least foreseen coming, I am sure Mr. Muthuswami, either you know me by name or by my case which is still going on since 4years (17 July 2007), first of all during this long period lot of hidden issues were revealed, not because they wanted to do so but as a result of the exchanged communications, it was very clear that I was alleged and taken as scape goat due to my origin and being without any support and defense, not to forget their fast action in this matter, Feb 2007 they started their investigation and dismissed me in July 2007, finally and the best of all that based on the conclusion of the UNDT judgment and the UNAT deliberation their final allegation are not a good reason for a dismissal decision, as per the UN Regulations and rules I should have been reprimanded, but for confirming their injustice the UN not only denied this issue but they reversed the UNDT' s decision in order to classified my case, their wasting of time all this period was only to delay me for making any step for any public action against them, they have applied the say: JUSTICE DELAYED = JUSTICE DENIED.

Mr. Muthuswami, short time a go a friend was joking telling me that looking at what is happening and how the world is running these days, it seem that God is presently tired and have stapes down leaving the devil to lead otherwise there is no other explanation for the lack and absence of tenderness, peace loving, selflessness and the most important two issues RIGHTS & JUSTICE? unfortunately different interest replaced all these.

One thing I want to address and remind to who ever would like to read/see and hear these words:


My friend Masri:

Good to read your philosophical words.
With the first blossoming of the Arab Spring, the Tunisians have for the first time in life or history gone to vote in a democratic fashion. Have you / we ever guessed something like this is going to happen in the early 21st century? Such is the human evolution and it will move forward and get better – no one, incl the UNDT/UNAT can stop it! Based on the UN Internal Justice Council reports to the UN A/65/304 of 2010 session and A /66/158 of 2011 session being considered now, the UN internal justice system still remains far from perfect, in fact seems more biasd and skewed than before.
When the judges are appointed by the UN HRD and placed on lower level of hierarchy, what you get is not independent judges, no integrity in the system of justice. The open secret is that the UN Gen Assembly still being asked to formulate some code of conduct for judges!

MASRI Abdul Karim A.
Reply to  V.Muthuswami

Dear Mr. Muthuswami,

I thank you for your nice and encouragement message, you may have found the right words and conclusion as a "former UN staff", my only worry that they have chosen to do this to me while I was at two step from my retirement, even oppressed, based on hearsay collected from the street of Kinshasa DRC, one of the most corrupted African country, they throw me in the street no way to find job at my age in addition that Greece (where I live) faced and still going through a serious economical crisis I believe that this give you a clear picture on my situation since then.

Looking for God support and as you have said no body is able to know what tomorrow bring. We only have to look forward and have hope for a better future.

Wishing you a good continuation and the best luck, I remains.


Where are you from? Is it a secret? :)