UNESCO Elections Politics

UNESCO Elections Politics

The UN Post participated today in Al Jazeera English program Inside Story discussing the UNESCO elections of its new leader, Ms. Irina Bokova, the former foreign minister of Bulgaria, after five rounds of voting.

Ms. Bokova defeated Mr. Farouk Hosni, Egypt's minister of culture  whose candidacy for the top UNESCO post was resisted due to allegations of anti-Semitic remarks.

The elections process of the new UNESCO chief started with nine candidates when the voting began last Thursday, the other seven candidates dropped out before the fifth and final round of voting, leaving only Ms. Bokova and Mr. Hosni who was the leading candidate in the first three rounds of voting. At the final round  of voting it appeared that politics played an undue role as a consolidated front was formed to block the selection of Mr. Hosni.

This edition of Al Jazeera Inside Story was joined by Ms. Bokova, the new Director General of UNESCO, Mr. Alain Martin, advisor to former Director General of UNESCO Mr. Koïchiro Matsuura and Mr. Ahmed Haggag representing The UN Post.

It should be mentioned that the name of another organization was inadvertently placed under the picture of our speaker during the recording of the Inside Story program.

M. Alaadin A. Morsy

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