Iranian Artists Support Green Movement
Iran Green Movement

Iranian Artists Support Green Movement

This is a statment signed by over 130 Iranian writers, actors, painters, radio and TV artists:

The world has witnessed unprecedented violence and suppression against our peaceful, calm and smart people whose mere request is the right to choose their politicians, freedom, justice, free press and true democracy. Instead they were responded with terror, murder, containment and brutal violence by a government whose illegitimacy has been approved by the very anti-human measures they've practiced before the eyes of millions of people. We, the artists, writers, directors, film-makers and speakers acknowledge that our people's movement is justly based on a need for free society and is originated from their own will for freedom and democracy and cannot be by any means attributed to foreign plots or ghost enemies whatsoever. We strongly stress on our people's right to express freely their opposition to tyranny and corruption of the existing regime of Iran and we appreciate their courage in manifesting their unity during wide-spread protests. And we condemn the regime's violation of human rights, closing newspapers, massacre of innocent people, as well as numerous unlawful arrests. And we hereby ask the world Organizations responsible for human rights to devise practical measures for prevention of such acts against Iranian people, and to prosecute the commanders who have committed these crimes. The heads of this hatred regime have committed crimes against humanity through unlawful prosecution of our youth, detention of numerous journalists as well as ordinary people who demand their basic rights as Iranian citizens.  We are the eyes, ears and voices of you noble people of Iran. We are proud of you and continue to convey your voice to the international community. And we openly declare that we will not be working for this regime, and will not participate in state-sponsored programs until our people achieve their goal of realizing freedom and a genuine democracy.

Signed by:

Ezzatollah Entezami, Rakhshan Bani Etemad, Abolhassan Davoodi, Amir Esbati, Saed Baqeri, Abdol Jabbar Kakai, Habibollah Sadeqi, Mohammad Hossein Latifi, Dariush Mehrjui, Afshin Ala, Dariush Farhang, Hedieh Tehrani, Hossein Alizadeh, Mohammad Rahmanian, Ahmad Reza Darvish,Turaj Mansuri, Shapur Hatami, Soheil Mahmudi, Mani Petgar, Bahman Kiarostami, Kianoush Ayyari, Baran Kosari, Parviz Shahbazi, Mehdi Karampur, Hamid Farrokh Nejad, Parviz Parastui,  Hamid Yasamin, Marzieh Borumand, Davood Rashidi, Amir Abedi, Hesamodin Seraj, Reza Kazemi, Mohammad Aladpoosh, Jamal Sadatian, Mohammad Reza Muini, Zia Hashemi, Hossein Zaman, Laya Zanganeh, Abdolreza Akbari, Farhad Jam, Mohammad Emrani, Fariba Motekhasses, Maryam Saadat, Elham Paveh Nejad, Dariush Arjmand, Masoud Keramati, Mehdi Pakdel, Amir Aghaei, Mehrdad Ziyayi, Homayoun Asadiyan, Mahdi Hashemi, Gohar Kheyr Andish, Shohreh Lorestani, Borzo Arjmand, Leila Otadi, Atila Pesyani, Faramarz Sedighi, Ahmad Najafi, Hasan Poor Shirazi, Parastoo Salehi, Behzad Khodaveysi, Reza Babak, Saeed Nikpoor, Changiz Vosooghi, Faghihe Soltani, Seyed Javad Hashemi, Nasrin Moghanlou, Gholam Hossein Lotfi, Behnoush Tabatabayi, Amir Jafari, Yousof Teymori, Aram Jafari, Shahab Hosseini, Hamid Godarzi, Kambiz Dirbaz, Soroush Sehat, Mehdi Solooki, Pouriya Pour Sorkh , Parviz Poor Hosseini, Morteza Shayesteh, Maziar Miri, Ahmad Reza Garshasbi, Bahman Dehqani, Pari Amir Hamzeh, Fariba Kousari, Soraya Ghasemi, Yousof Sayadi, Sirous Gorjestani, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Yousof Teymori, Jahangir Almasi, Mahmood Jafari, Shahram Abdoli, Reza Kiyaniyan, Ateneh Faghih Nasiri, Faramarz Gharibiyan, Afsaneh Baygan, Mehraveh Sharifi Nia, Amin Hayayi, Nasrollah Radesh,  Hamed Behdad, Alireza Khamseh, Mohammadreza Alami, Ahura Iman, Babak Etminan, Mehdi Bozorgmehr, Kambozia Partovi, Farhad Towhidi, Shadmehr Rastin, Sohrab Madani, Ebrahim Haqiqi, Hamed Rashtian, Vahid Hakim, Manuchehr Moshiri, Farhad Mehranfar, Shima Tabatabai, Majid Akhavan, Fereshteh Yaminisharif, Makan Mohammadi, Jafar Panahi, Farhad Ayish, Bahareh Rahnama, Kioomars Purahmad, Ali Mossafa, Manijeh Hekmat, Merila zarei, Leyla Hatami, Mohammadreza Forutan, Habib Rezai, Bahram Azimi, Farah Osuli.

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Everything is possible their actors could negate their policies.
They should never forget that its due to the governmental policies that those actors are loved so much. They are held in veneration despite what they are but for what they perform as.

Bahram Azimi

من موافق بودن اسمم در چنین جریان و هیچ جریان سیاسی دیگری نیستم…ودوست ندارم از نامم سوء استفاده شود……بهرام عظیمی


It is a big violence by government. Iranian Gov had closed all communication methods on ellection day. It's the true Violence.
And From the Start Iranian Great Avaz master, Ostam Shajarian Had been against this. It is worth one million artists. God bless him
Bye the way, it is Green Wave [Moje Sabz in farsi] not green movement.


Interesting to read reader comments and requests and understand the new form of democratic expression. " What is in a name"!?
Pray no one is endangered. 


This shows many iranians do not support Government , but might endanger them

M. Alaadin A. Morsy
Reply to  A.Khameni

We do not wish to endanger anyone. We will remove the names immediately upon request.


iman vaziri

M. Alaadin A. Morsy
Reply to  iman

Your name is removed already. You are welcome.


I didn't sign it and my name is in!!!!!!

morde shoor hamatoono bebare.

M. Alaadin A. Morsy
Reply to  iman

Sorry about that. Mr. Hamid should have checked the names. Your name was removed.

Changiz Jalilvand

I hope it's a mistake, but most names after and including changiz vosooghi are printed twice. Please be careful with overlooks like this so you don't give your opponents another excuse to make you look bad.!

M. Alaadin A. Morsy

Thank you for your valid comment. We reviewed the post and found 22 repeated names. We removed the repetitions.