UN Social Policies
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UN Social Policies

An example of the United Nations successes; is the project for Integrated Social Policies in Western Asia and its flagship report "Towards Integrated Social Policies in Arab Countries; Framework and Comparative Analysis".  This report was prepared with the primary aim of enhancing the integration and effectiveness of social policies in the 13 Arab countries in Western Asia, UNESCWA member countries.  This report (1) clarifies the concepts and contexts of social policies (2) identifies organized actors in the processes of social policies (3) outlines the functions of social policies in the contexts of social problems and societal development (4) describes the current models of policy processes as applied in countries included in the analysis and outlines a comprehensive model (5) identifies and discusses the enabling and inhibiting conditions which affect policy formulation and the implementation of sound social policies. The report advanced a pioneering framework for integrating social policies in effective national development planning. The report initiated much needed national and regional debates on Social Development. View Link…

Please share your views on:

  1. How can such a leading effort be better utilized in effecting socioeconomic development especially in the Arab region?
  2. What are the current additional enabling and inhibiting conditions for social development and how can the enabling conditions be maintained, enhanced and utilized while addressing and alleviating the inhibiting conditions?
  3. Is social development an automatic outcome of economic development or is it a separate track that can affect and be affected by other variables including economic, political and cultural variables?
  4. What is the impact of the current global aid environment on social policies and social development?

M. Alaadin A. Morsy

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