Appeal to UN General Assembly

Appeal to UN General Assembly

When you mention a famous race horse, they always ask, "from which stable?"  The stable is important, as it establishes the ancestry, authenticity and the breed.

When you name a lawyer who has done well, people ask you, "from which chamber?"  The Chamber is important. It establishes the hierarchy and cultural tradition in which the lawyer was born and has been reared. (Remembered quotes of the eminent advocate Fali Nariman, former chairman of International Commission of Jurists)

Similarly, when you quote certain judicial norms and democratic conventions, people ask, "do these have international support and endorsement?" It envisages civilized growth of communities and global societies where human rights can be respected under the watchful eyes of independent and impartial judicial system.

UN adoption of "The Universal Charter of The Judge" and its endorsement through many resolutions in the 1980s and 1990s gave hope that its own Internal Justice System will be a kind of truthful reflection of what it promoted and professed to member states and nations.

However, just a year after the inception of the UN Internal Justice System, it remains doubtful if a true independent and impartial system will ever emerge, so long as the system depends on the bureaucracy for its sustenance and succour. The situation became clear as the writer represented a section of the UN retiree group and witnessed the "public hearing" of its case in New York on 22 June 2010.

Appeal Form

A. Appellants:

(i) if an individual(s)

Full name

Muthuswami et al (Appellants of the Common Cause Appeal # UNAT 2009-001, which was heard on 22 June 2010 + many other UN retirees)

Date of birth

1923 - 1940


USA, Canada, India, etc.

Employment status or relationship to staff member if relying on his/her rights

UN Retirees since June 1983 ..

Human Rights Activists

Official index number

Retiree # R/…..


Not Applicable

Representative (attach authorization)

Not Applicable

Address for service of documents

Florida, Montreal, Canada, Bangaluru, Chennai, etc.

(ii) if an Organization


Not Applicable



Address for service of documents


B. Respondent

(i) Organization



(ii) Individual



C. Decision under appeal

Date of decision

24 Dec 2008 & 16 Dec 2009

UNDT Judgement Number or Number of Annexed decision

UN GA Resolutions # A/RES/63/253 of 24 Dec 2008 – promulgating the UNAT Statute and # A/RES/64/119 – establishing the rules of procedures of the UNAT

D. Pleas

Relief claimed

(Set out the remediable injustice and substantive relief sought):

  • What is claimed is true "justice" in the system of governance.

  1. A year or so working of the UNDT & UNAT have shown clearly that the reformed system lacks the teeth and the will to perform effectively, except for a few individual judges whose wisdom and independence deserve our salute and appreciation. The problem is that these very few individual judges may not survive their full term.

  2. Of all the shortcomings, the reformed system faces a few important formidable challenges that will make the system unable succeed. This is indeed the failure of the UNGA which failed to establish a flawless system in the first place.

  3. The hierarchical levels of the judges being D2; their decisions, suggestions, and judgments are least likely to be honored or accepted by the chiefs of UN divisions, or UN funds and programmes, who are all of higher "ego" status and levels of ASGs and USGs. How come the UNGA could not be sensitive to such a simple human psychology?

  4. UNGA should have decided on a consolidated compact of compensation, nothing to do with the existing ICSC salary structures? UNDT/UNAT judges should be engaged outside of the abused 100, 200 and 300 series staff rules. The judges should be taking oath of office in the presence of the President of the GA, not with Secretary General.

  5. Related to the above situation (described in 4 above), even if the judgments are impacting on the middle level section heads etc. they are also likely be shielded by the chiefs to serve their ego status and avoid public exposure.

  6. In other words, it is difficult to change the pre-wired mindset that the decisions coming out of SG/DSG/USG/ASGs or those supported by these elite groups are "absolute". No-one can question!

  7. So long as the OAJ, incl. UNDT and UNAT are being funded by the same budgetary norms and controls that are under the jurisdiction of the powerful bureaucracy, so long as the OAJ house-keeping and staff and their issues being financed, promoted, transferred, serviced etc. by the same powerful bureaucracy, no real "justice" will ever take roots in the UN system.

  8. The way forward is to make the reformed UN Internal Justice System truly effective, independent and transparent, fully equipped with necessary resources and powers to endorse/implement its judgments and decisions without fear or favour. The governance of the OAJ should be totally independent and directly accountable to the UNGA.

  9. In essence, let the "rule of law" begin to blossom at home, inside the UN corridors. UNGA should vote independent resource base, its use and accountability to operate the internal justice system, should be totally disconnected from the existing bureaucratic system control. The whole Internal Justice System must be answerable only to the UNGA, no one else.

  10. Make sure that UNDT and UNAT judges are of Deputy Secretary General rank and no less. It is a lot cheaper and effective to pay top price for good and independent judges.

  11. UNGA should not fail to stipulate the norms and criteria of its own Universal Chapter of the Judge (1999) that should govern the judicial independence and access to justice.

  12. Why was it not possible to spell out and enforce the basic principles on the independence of the judiciary of the Internal Judicial System, as well as those described in the UN Universal Charter for the Judges, endorsed thru several UNGA resolutions in 80s and 90s?

  13. Let the UN General Assembly open their big bold eyes, see things in the true perspective, behave rationally, logically and independently, and NOT to succumb to the pre-cooked documentation and resolutions prepared by the same bureaucracy.

  14. If the present flawed system is allowed to continue, not only faith in the UN internal justice system will fail, but in the collective wisdom of UNGA as well will likely wither away.

Behold and beware!



The above plea detail itself could serve the necessary brief, reiterating that it is not for personal gain or profit this appeal is being made, but for the upholding of true justice and eliminate the "remediable/removable injustices" in the system.

E. Supporting documents

(a) List

Annex number




Symbol number


Review Panel Judges see a culture of UN secrecy

16 June 2010

NYT Column written by Neil MacFarquar Diplomatic Memo

This and below articles are easily accessible through internet


UN Justice, behind the Facade

30 March


Written by UNPost and displayed on their website as of that date



UN Justice and Secrecy

22 March


Written by UNPost and displayed on their website as of that date


(b) List of translated documents included in part (a)

Annex number

Name and qualifications of translator



F. Request for oral hearings

Is oral hearing requested?

Yes/No (strike out inapplicable)

It is really up to the system to decide if they want to learn the truth as to how the outside world perceives the system, and want to grow and develop a truly transparent democratic system. Do not make the oral hearing as another formality.

Reasons for request

Set out reasons:

  1. Make internal self-analysis of the dynamics within the Internal Justice System by the UNDT and UNAT judges, totally unfettered, and let us hear them honestly.

  2. Only when the UNDT/UNAT judges can collectively gather the strength to tell the truth, only then the system has a chance of survival as a truly independent and transparent system.

  3. Lest, it is just another facade, needlessly wasting taxpayers' good money being poured over another bad system or a system of dubious characteristics.

  4. Can the UN afford to become a show-case of failed internal justice system and derided by all as a failed model once again?

G. Signature and certification

The Appellant or his/her legal representative certifies:

(a) That a properly signed original Appeal Form, together with all annexes thereto, can be delivered to the Registrar, either in hard copy or electronically;

(b) That all copies submitted to the Registrar are true copies of the originals

(all in English).


Signature and full name of Appellant or Representative Date 15 July 2010


Full name of Appellant or Representative

_Chennai 6000 41, India –


Address for service of documents

As above.

* * * * *

V. Muthuswami, Chennai, India
Joint Appellant of the Common Cause Appeal # UNAT 2009-001.

Copyright © 2010 • UN Post • All Rights Reserved

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  1. Avatar

    Нас не устраивает демократия американского типа ,которая больше напоминает либерализм.
    Либералы поддерживают предпринимателей и буржуазию.
    Демократия - есть в переводе с латыни \" народная власть\"\" и устройство коллектива через учреждения ( это толкование в словарях)
    У нас не грамотные политики.
    А вот американские политики ,они обманывают всю нацию говоря народам ,что они народная власть,на самом деле они военизированный либерализм.
    И многих не устраивает на Евро Азиатском континенте размещение Американских баз :
    №1 никто не знает какое оружие на военных базах США
    №2 Это психологическое насилие над детьми Евро Азиатского континента.
    ( у детей не обоснованный страх,потому что базы расположены близ городов и населенных пунктов)
    У нас на Евро Азиатском континенте идет активное сотрудничество между странами ,идет строительство разных объектов индустрии,благоустроенных домов,сотрудничество в науки и по развитию технического прогресса,развит туризм, народы общаются.
    И нет причин устанавливать военные базы на Евро Азиатском Континенте.
    Они пугают детей,это все может повлиять на характер ребенка.Агрессивные дети континенту не нужны.

    Translation by Google
    We are not satisfied with democracy American-style, which resembles liberalism.
    Liberals support entrepreneurs and bourgeoisie.
    Democracy - is translated from the Latin \"people\'s power\" and the unit staff through the agency (this interpretation in dictionaries)
    We are not literate policy.
    But American politicians, they are deceiving the entire nation speaking peoples that they are the people\'s power, they are actually paramilitary liberalism.
    And many are not satisfied with the Euro Asian continent deployment of U.S. bases:
    № 1, no one knows what weapons at U.S. military bases
    № 2 This is psychological abuse of children Euro Asian continent.
    (Children are not well-founded fear, because the bases are located near cities and settlements)
    We at Euro Asian continent is active cooperation between countries, the construction of various facilities industry, comfortable homes, cooperation in science and technical progress, developed tourism, people communicate.
    There is no reason to establish military bases in the Euro Asian continent.
    They frighten children, all this can affect the nature of the continent rebenka.Agressivnye children do not need.

  2. Avatar

    Реституция - это восстановление.Мы не возьмет с них возмещение ущерба.
    Мы восстановим СССР ,ибо это было без согласия граждан.Граждане в этом не участвовали.
    Да,это вмешательство в дела государства ,в этом я согласна.
    Обращения в Конституционный суд России и к Генеральную Прокуратуру Р.Ф - не результативны.
    На обращения граждан и организаций приходит один и тот же ответ : не имеется состава преступления, хотя Геноцид народа и вмешательство в дела государства СССР всем видны.

    Translation by Google
    Restitution - it vosstanovlenie.My not charge them for damages.
    We will restore the Soviet Union, because it was without the consent of grazhdan.Grazhdane this did not participate.
    Yes, this is interference in the affairs of state, in this I agree.
    Appeals to the Constitutional Court of Russia and to the General Prosecutor\'s Office R.F - not valuable to you.
    On the treatment of citizens and organizations come one and the same answer: there is no corpus delicti, although genocide of the people and the intervention in the affairs of the Soviet state all visible.

  3. Avatar

    Мне хочется сделать замечание по работе над материалами Генеральной Ассамблеи ООН.
    В Материалах утверждается ,что в СССР прошла перестройка - это выражение не соответствует действительности.( это исторически не правильный термин)
    У нас прошел процесс Интервенции,что нарушает резолюцию Генеральной Ассамблеи ООН
    36 /103 от 09 12 1981 года о не допустимости интервенции.
    Интервенцию ,как вы знаете сопровождает : изменение политического строя( у нас появилась многопартийность), изменение общественного строя( появились слои общества),захват земель,приобретение привилегий - все это составляющие элементы Интервенции.
    СССР вправе требовать реституции у Суда Генеральной Ассамблеи ООН.

    Translation by Google
    I want to comment on the work on the materials of the General Assembly.
    The materials stated that the Soviet Union was restructuring - this expression does not correspond to reality. (It\'s not historically correct term)
    We have passed the process of Intervention, which violates the UN General Assembly resolution
    36 / 103 dated September 12, 1981 on the admissibility of no intervention.
    Intervention, as you know is accompanied by: changing the political system (we have a multiparty system), changing the social system (there were sections of society), the seizure of land, purchase of privilege - all the constituent elements of the intervention.
    Soviet Union the right to demand restitution from the Court of the General Assembly.

  4. Avatar

    Here is a comment from a senior UN retiree and reader of UNPost:

    \"I have only one comment. You should also have stated that, at least for appearance\'s sake, UNAT/UNDT shouldn\'t be located in the cities where UN HQs are. They should function, in the Hague, the HQs of international justice, as an adjunct of or separately from, the International Court of Justice. Just as Governments (and individuals cited by Governments) are tried there, UN Secy Gen and UNGA itself should be held to account there. Then maybe, and if the judges are appointed by the International Court, a fair and proper justice would be ensured, and not like the police department trying (investigating) police excesses.\"

    1. Avatar
      MASRI Abdul Karim A.

      Dear Mr. Muthuswami,

      With regard to your comments above, I fully agree with you as I personally experienced during my judgment between UNDT in Kenya and UNAT in UNHQ, which I am still for my last chance before the UNAT who reversed the UNDT decision to their favor, from their comment in the deliberation you can immediately understand the influence of the surrounded environment which affect the final deliberation according to the UN requirement that why appeal is made always on UNDT outside NYHQ in order to conclude it, unfortunately, at the SG satisfaction. This is really unfair.

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