Women's Day
Women day

Women's Day

I'm a painter who only paints the portraits of women!
I've a portrait of:
A woman who miles away, bare-footed under the blazing sun, walks
And fetches the drinking water from a polluted pond!
A woman pregnant who taking rest instead,
Toils with men and feed her poor family;
A woman who in the morning is raped by her master
And in the night manhandled by the drunk husband
But raises voice never, since she has been taught
The husband is the mini-god while the master, the godfather!
A woman who to feed her starving infant sells her body!
A woman who is given in the marriage for few coins
Of  a man much older than her father!
A woman who in the name of qisas is made scapegoat
And given in the marriage of the heir of the deceased;
A woman who is forced to marry
And thus deprived of her right to inheritance!
A woman who is denied justice
Since before the court she fails to produce
Four pious Muslims who had witnessed
The act of "penetration" when she was raped!!
A woman who is burnt alive
Since she brings not, the enough dowry!
A woman whose character is maligned
As to earn living she steps out!
Quite strangely the admirers of these portraits
Are those who for women have great sympathy
But in reality are responsible
For their miserable plight!!

Mohammad Shehzad

Freelance writer based in Islamabad and edits www.pol-dev.com

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