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The Leaders Magazine October 2012

International Leadership

Q: How do you define leadership?

A: Leadership is the ability to lead from the front by setting an example. It is the process of setting vision, building teams, making decisions, motivating people and aligning their energies and efforts to accomplish organizational goals and objectives.


Q: What is the difference between managers and leaders?

A: Managers are missionaries while leaders are visionaries. Managers think within the box while leaders think outside the box. Managers know how to climb the ladder while the leaders know how to place the ladder on the right side of the wall. Managers are efficient while leaders are effective.

Q: To what extent are leaders born or made?

A: It is a debatable issue globally. Most of the leaders are made rather than born because leadership is a skill that can be honed through acquisition of emotional intelligence quotient.


Q: How do the leaders make decisions – by head, heart or gut?

A: When you have full information, you can go by your head. When you have partial information, you can go by your head and heart. When you don't have any information you can go by your gut and intuition. Above all, decision-making is situational, and it depends on the people you lead, the information you have, and the prevailing environment.


Q: Are companies really interested in developing leaders?

A: Some companies are interested while some companies are not interested. Most of the companies focus on performance not on providing training programs to their employees. It is a retrograde step. In addition, recession has become an excuse for them. The leaders at the top level must take initiative to train employees regularly to improve bottom lines and groom them as leaders. It helps retain the talent and keep cream ready in the leadership pipeline to ensure organizational excellence and effectiveness.


Q: What leadership attributes are required in this globalized world?

A: Technology has made the world into a small village. It brought comforts as well as confusion. Hence, leaders must adopt flexibility and adaptability to manage complexity and uncertainty. They must respect all cultures and communities and catch up with the latest technology. Above all, they have to unlearn, learn and relearn to stand out.


Q: How do we develop the next generation of leaders?

A: You cannot become a crack-shot unless you lose some ammunition. Empower your employees. Encourage them to take risk and explore. Do your duty and don't expect rewards. Believe in contribution, not in accumulation. Cultivate the attitude of gratitude.


Q: What is emerging as the key leadership model for the next decade?

A: I have coined soft leadership which is drawing attention internationally. It is going to prevail in future. This concept believes in partnership rather than followership. It believes in soft touch; adopts soft tactic; and practices soft skills to lead from the front to execute tasks successfully.


Q: What is your role as a leadership guru?

A: I am passionate about leadership. I do research round the clock to find out new leadership perspectives that are beneficial to leaders to make this world a better place to live. I author books and share my knowledge through workshops, seminars and training programs. My aim is to apply my leadership knowledge to ensure global stability, peace and prosperity.


Q: What is your vision?

A: I want to share my knowledge with the world. Hence, I created blogs to share my knowledge online and through teaching and training programs. My long term vision is to train 1,000,000 people and develop them as leaders. I want to make a difference in the lives of others and to the society as a whole. I want to promote global peace for its prosperity. I coined soft leadership and I want to apply this leadership style in all areas to make people important and special so that they can wholeheartedly contribute for the benefit of mankind.


Q: What is your message to the world?

A: Love your mother, but don't hate another person's mother. Love your community but don't hate another person's community. Look at similarities, not differences. Above all, make a difference in the lives of others.


Prof. M.S. Rao
International Leadership Guru

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Suresh Chinna

Excellent interview with great vision to build one million leaders.


Excellent interview!

"Professor M.S.Rao trains from the bottom of his heart. He is highly passionate about students and wants them to dream and achieve big. He wants them to be great citizens. His sessions have a huge impact on the audience as he walks to his talk. He uses humor aptly to draw the attention of the audience during his leadership training programs. He knows how to grab the attention of all students and sustains the momentum until the end of the session. He has spontaneity and speaks as per the situation and as per the maturity level of audiences. He has total clarity in his vision and mission. He implores us to be incurable optimists. I am his die-hard follower."


It is a great article!

His training sessions help audiences forever. His sessions are highly inspiring. He makes audiences think and helps people change their mindset.

Ramana Naidu

I like his vision to build one million global leaders

Shilpi Singh

There are  a number of definitions on leadership. Your definition of leadership is very simple and straight.

I liked your heart to love all communities in the world apart from your vision to build one million people as global leaders. People like you must occupy highest office of India – President of India to tranform society and India as a whole. I am proud of being your follower. .




I appreciate your great heart to groom one million people as global leaders. I declare proudly that I am one of those leaders growing under your passionate leadership. I am your die-hard follower.

Vinay Kumar

Excellent interview by international leadership guru – Professor M.S.Rao

He is going to occupy India's highest office of Presidency by 2030. He is going to make a great difference not only to India but also to the entire world by showing that a person of humble origins can become President of a great and role model to the world. 


I am his die-hard follower. 


I appreciate the vision and mission of Professor M.S.Rao to build one million people as global leaders. Here is my endorsement about this international leadership legend:

Professor M.S.Rao inspires us how to be successful in life. His leadership training programs are highly interactive and inspiring.  I am his follower.



I have been inspired by your leadership style and the vision to build one million people as leaders. I am proud to say that I am one among them. I am your true follower and I am willing to build more leaders as I grow in my life. The entire credit goes to you as you groomed me as a leader and inspired me to dream big in my life.


Your vision is to build one million people as leaders and my vision is to see you as the President of India one day.

Good luck Sir!


Excellent post!

Contribute more such articles.

I am your follower.