Reconsideration of Trial
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Reconsideration of Trial

In the attempts of restoring my innocence, this is my message sent to the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon asking his assistance for the reconsideration of my trial with UNAT orally and publicly:

His Excellency UN Secretary-General
Mr. Ban Ki-Moon

Reference is made to my previous messages to you and to the UNAT Judges, I am sure that it was ignored and disregarded because as a normal person I am not entitled to contact the Secretary-General directly I should be at his level to communicate with him while you suppose to be the refuge of the staff in a thorny matters, or may be the main reason is my nationality due to how you stand toward the current regime!! I shouldn't be punished for the mistakes of others and I do not have any political orientation, but I am proud that I am part of this historical and thoroughbreds nation entity.

Normally no one in this world has power by nature, they don't have the free will, but the sad true is that all their strengths come from the vulnerable.

I ADMIT that the UN within the years gave me work opportunity. Personally, my experience gained during the years of my service in the UN is confined only for the scope of work within the UN organizations and does not commensurate to any work in the ordinary life outside its system. Add to that the organization system deliberately restrict the capabilities and personality of its ordinary employees as he is never given the chance to tell how he feel, what he believe and what the reality look like to him, that what everybody want after all, especially when working for an International organization like the UN.

Yah, it is a painful world, when a normal person with good heart and common sense (like me) describes his pain with truthfulness, simply give it a shape so you can understand it, unfortunately, it was disregarded and ignored without mercy As if I do not belong to the class of human beings. does not deserve an impartial justice or do not have rights!

Justice exists and continues to always be above everyone, without exception. God created earth, pain, conflict and death {The pain remind us of conflict, Conflict challenges us to be better than what we are, Death gives us a pool of good will, done or left in our life. Definitely oppressors will be penalized sooner or later inevitably they will pay the price for their bad acts. Injustice is not an opportunity to anyone for a shortcut to success, power and dominance at the expense of the vulnerable it's very costly and it will be paid later, certainly we all know that, even we pretend ignoring it. It is good to be reminded and to have someone to remind us.

Your Excellency, hereby I sought your support, in order for the Administration and the court to prove that ethnic discrimination ceased to exist they should accept to call me for oral and public trial within the Human Rights regulations "criminal transgressions" should be and that charges must be supported by concrete evidence.

I am self presented and would like to request the court to consider my properly submitted Cross-Appeal pending and ignored in the UNAT e-filing portal since 14 April 2013 and the review of the following issues:

1) The poor management which was officially admitted and reported in

(a) JDC Case 2008-017, Report No.24l. Page 2 Paragraph 5 and 3 Paragraph 15.
(b) The UNDT iudement 2010-UNDT-056. Pase 48 Paragraph 8.10.5 and 8.10.6)

2) Justification of the strong reason that prompted the UNAT Judges, 14 months later, to exceed its official laws by issuing their decision under judgment 2013-UNAT-320 which contradicts Article 9, Para 5 from the Rules of Procedures and statute "that's where LTNAT Registrar who initially accepted the receipt, he is the primarily responsible to make sure that every application received fulfills all legal requirements, which proves that my request was legitimate when submitted otherwise he would have rejected.

3) The review and assessment of the validity and effectiveness of the submitted evidences against my allegations judicially, the evidence defamation case is the basic legal elements which has to refute such slanders". I am certain it will refute all falsehoods and slanders that were trumped against me.

I am confident that it's time that my present request receives your serious attention and support, please accept Mr. Ban Ki-Moon my highest and sincere consideration.



Abdul Karim Antoine Masri

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