Universal Brotherhood for International Peace
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Universal Brotherhood for International Peace

"A culture of peace will be achieved when citizens of the world understand global problems, have the skills to resolve conflicts and struggle for justice non-violently, live by international standards of human rights and equity, appreciate cultural diversity, and respect the Earth and each other. Such learning can only be achieved with systematic education for peace." - Hague Appeal for Peace Global Campaign for Peace Education


The United Nations observed International Day of Peace on September 21, 2013. For the first time, this year this day is exclusively dedicated to education.


Why is peace essential in this world? Is it possible to achieve peace internationally in the current conflict world? In fact, peace is the first step to progress and final step to prosperity. When people fight globally lots of money is wasted for wars and policing apart from losing precious men, machine and material. Additionally, it brings misery among the people. Hence, peace is essential to achieve prosperity in this world.


Secondly, we can achieve international peace if we understand the root causes for global violence and address them earnestly. Some of the causes are: people are becoming restless, impatient and intolerant due to ego, miscommunication, work pressures and lack of empathy. Hence, there is need to groom global citizens with a global mindset to look at similarities, not differences.


Daily we read about lots of violence globally. Through media, we hear deaths, atrocities on women and violence in the name of religion, region, languages, caste and creed. How to put an end to such things to live with universal fraternity and brotherhood? Solution lies in developing students as global citizens to enable them to become not only well rounded personalities but also worthy citizens in the world. Here are some of the tools to achieve international peace:

Be a humanist first.

Have a positive, right and strong attitude.

Develop 'let go unpleasant past' attitude.

Be magnanimous to forgive others.

Accommodate others with a big heart.

Demonstrate compassion.

Look at the character in people, not color.

Evolve as a global citizen with a global mindset rather than with a local mindset.

Respect all people.

Love your mother but don't hate another person's mother.


Grow as a Global Citizen


Do you have a heart to serve others? Do you have the mindset of 'live and let live'? Do you want to promote global peace and prosperity? If the answer is 'yes', you have the mindset to grow as a global citizen.


You don't have to have any passport to become a global citizen. You can travel in any part of the world the way you travel in your own country. In fact, entire globe belongs to you when you have global mindset. Additionally, you can travel in any part of the world without any passport.


It is essential to develop right attitude and teach students about diversity in the classroom to groom them as global citizens. We must realize the fact that we are human beings first and human beings last. To be born in a particular region, religion, community or country is not our choice, but a chance. By birth, all children are good at heart but it is the social upbringing that changes their personality, attitude and behavior. Hence, we must focus more on the upbringing of children. It requires support from all stakeholders including parents, educators, educational institutions, NGOs, government and society as a whole.


If global citizens take care of two aspects - ego and empathy, most of the global challenges can be resolved amicably. Hence, individuals must check their excessive ego and empathize with others to understand from others' perspective to resolve issues amicably. My blueprint to achieve international peace appears to be a wishful thinking. But it is possible, if people have the heart to make a difference. Hence, equip students with right education to groom them as global citizens.


Emphasize on Universal Brotherhood


As every country has democracy, there must be democracy for the entire world where the will of the majority prevails rather than the hegemony of a few countries. The elected global leaders must provide right direction to the UN by leading from the front. We must believe that there is one God for all of us. And we must believe that we have one religion – humanity.


There must be Mahatma Gandhi in every individual. There must be Jesus in every human being. There must be Muhammad in every human being. There must be Buddha in every human being. There must be Ram in every human being. There must be Gurunanak in every human being. There must be a God as per their faith in all individuals in this world. Remember, all religions preach peace and love. Hence, acquire the attitude, understand the basic essence and develop universal fraternity and brotherhood to achieve international peace and prosperity. Let me conclude with a clarion call from Martin Luther King, Jr. "We have before us the glorious opportunity to inject a new dimension of love into the veins of our civilization."


Let us all take an oath to ensure global stability and security to achieve international peace and prosperity. Here is the pledge:


We the people of the world will grow as global citizens.

We the people of the world will look at the similarities, not differences.

We the people of the world will live with fraternity and brotherhood.

We the people of the world love not only our mothers but also will love others' mothers.


God bless the world!


Prof. M.S. Rao
International Leadership Guru

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    Dinesh Debbarma

    In many parts of the country and state some person not maintain global brotherhood

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    Arshad Bangash

    Universal Brotherhood: 
    This is all about Universal Brotherhood and equal rights to everyone.
    One soul abides in all.There is one God one humanity one planet. There is one brotherhood. None is high. None is low. All are equal. Man-made barriers should be ruthlessly broken down. Then alone there will be peace in the world.There is only one caste, the caste of humanity. There is only one religion, the religion of love. There is only one commandment, the commandment of truthfulness. There is only one law, the law of cause and effect. There is only one God, the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Lord. There is only one language, the language of heart.The highest ideal is cosmic love. Cosmic love is subtler than ether; so it pervades every atom of creation. The cosmic love itself is God, for God is love.The secret of blessed life is cosmic love.The concept of Universal Brotherhood advocates the human rights and equality under one cosmic law and blood retaliation which is Universal brotherhood. After all We all human beings are from one ADAM and EVE. One God, one Human, one planet, one love respect.

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    we must spread universal brotherhood as pioneered by Professor M.S.Rao

     I am die-hard follower of Professor M.S.Rao He will be President of India one day. He will make India a super power in the world through his visionary and passionate leadership

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    Professor Ras spread fraternity in the real world. I am fortunate to meet this legend personally. Here is my endorsement about him:

    "Professor M.S.Rao trains from the bottom of his heart. He is highly passionate about students and wants them to dream and achieve big. He wants them to be great citizens. His sessions have a huge impact on the audience as he walks to his talk. He uses humor aptly to draw the attention of the audience during his leadership training programs. He knows how to grab the attention of all students and sustains the momentum until the end of the session. He has spontaneity and speaks as per the situation and as per the maturity level of audiences. He has total clarity in his vision and mission. He implores us to be incurable optimists. I am his die-hard follower."

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    Uday Kiran

    I appreciate Professor Rao\'s passion for universal brotherhood. If everyone thinks the way he thinks we can expect a better world.

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    Excellent article with valuable insights.

    we must forget all our geographical differences to develop fraternity and brotherhood.

    Looking forward to reading more such articles.

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    Ramana Naidu

    Excellent article! 

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    Shilpi Singh

    Swami Vivekananda spread for universal fraternity and brotherhood. Professor M.S.Rao is the follower of Swami Vivekananda and taking inspiration from him, he authored this article. I appreciate his way of presenting this article imploring us to spread brotherhood. Let us follow the pledge created by Professor M.S.Rao to make a better world.

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    Peace is the only thing needed in this world to take human civilisation forward. It is a timely article needed presently.

    I am looking forward to reading more articles from you.

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    Ujjwal Khadka

    I thank Professor MS Rao for enlightening us in such sensitive matters as Peace and justice. He has analyzed and delineated actual causes of and solutions to chaos, violence and disruption in today\'s World, and he has in fact even gone on further to include the issue of the need to foster respect and support to Women World over, the need of which seems greatly compelling in Today\'s World - and I personally thank and congratulate him for that. I also congratulate him in offering us suggestions and hope.

    The need to exercise peace, equity, fairness and justice cannot be emphasized more in Today\'s World, where being powerful, often tantamount to being powerful enough to overpower others, which only begets more chaos, violence and disharmony. And we are -unfortunately though- compelled to bear witness to such perplexing scenario. So, now it\'s perhaps time that we reinforce the need and importance of Universal brotherhood and camaraderie in fostering peace, equity and justice World over.

    Cultural diversity and diversity of opinions, interests and ambitions (particularly when they are of positive and benevolent nature contemplated to be expended for the greater good of mankind) should be respected and embraced with open arms, and peace, justice and fairness should be exercised through non-violence, and through a culture of non-violence, which has its inception in historic giants like Gautama Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi, who were proponents, followers and propagators of peace, justice, fairness and Universal brotherhood, and their lives has been a testimonial to that notion. Besides, if you delve into history of the World itself, you are apt to ask yourself: What good has wars done anyway? So, it\'s about time that we learn from the lives of these great masters and teach and practice it to foster a fair, just and peaceful World.

    Professor Rao, through this and similar posts, continues to dispel positive and thought provoking ideas that are going to have positive repercussions in the future - and that is what leaders do, and Dr Rao stands tall and compelling in his role as a leader and a propagator of Peace and Universal brotherhood. So: Kudos to him!

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      Professor M.S.Rao

      Dear Ujjwal,

      Thanks for adding value to this prestigious post with your inspiring comments.  

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    Excellent post!

    We need to develop universal brotherhood as championed by Swami Vivekananda to make a better world.

    I request Professor M.S.Rao to contribute more such articles in future.

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    Thanks for your initiative to pioneer for global peace. The article is apt and timely. The tools to achieve international peace are amazing. India needs leaders like to lead from the front.

    I want to see you as the President of India one day.

    I am your follower.

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    Thanks for your wonderful message for world peace.

    I like your pledge and read regularly to grow as a global citizen and to pioneer for global peace.

    My ambition is to see you as the President of India one day. You are the deserving candidate to be the President as you have impeccable integrity and character. You are a visionary and intellectual. Hence, You must be the President of India. India will be benefitted from your intellectual and visionary leadership.

    All the best!

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    World peace is the need of the hour as there is growing intolerance across the world. Professor Rao rightly highlighted this issue at the right time. Here is my endorsement about this living international leadership legend:


    "Professor M.S.Rao is passionate about Indian students. He transforms students and makes them highly successful. Even if we have bad attitude he would change our behavior for better. His selection of topics is highly unique and he adopts unconventional method of training. His leadership training programs are far better than others. I can proudly say that Professor Rao is the first professor who influenced me in my life. With his inspiring message we Indian youth can lead India with more confidence and optimism. I have been inspired by this leadership legend. I am his follower." N. Madhusudan

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    Surja De

    Very well written indeed. We are really very proud of your article and very rightly so it has been selected in the UN Post...

    Great work .. keep it up..

    1. Avatar
      Professor M.S.Rao

      Thanks for kind words

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    Hans Dholakia

    Peace is the necessary condition for individual as well as collective happiness to exist. But the second can come only from the first i.e. peace in the world will be sustainable only when there is more peace in every human being, the macro will only evolve from the micro, the tree only from the seed.

    This peace cannot and need not come from outside ; it is our essential nature. Rev. prophets of peace from all religions like Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, Nanak, Mahatma Gandhi are already within us, because the soul is esentially divine. What is needed is that we realize it in our daily conduct.

    Cosmozens or Global Citizens will only evolve from integrity at grassroot levels. If I am not at peace with myself, how can I be a good family member ? Unless I am a good family-member, how can I become a good neighbour, or a good citizen anywhere ? If I am not true to myself, how can I be honest to others ?

    Peace like charity begins at \'home\' i.e. within oneself. We need to grow more Self-aware, more responsible, more mindful.

    Ego and empathy like light and shadow talk about the same thing - one is the absence of the other. We need to eradicate excessive ego of \'me\' and \'mine\' (asmita) and ignorance (avidya - the microcosmic delusion). They are both rooted in excessive body-consciousness. We must move from this \'having\' consciousness to \'being\' consciousness. Body we have, beliefs we have, wants we have, wars we have... but souls we are, peace we are, love we are, joy we are.

    In fact, all souls are already connected, already united. At soul-level, we are all already One, as blessed sparks of the same Light. As souls, we can be nothing but peace, love and joy. So all we need to do is go within and identify with this One Reality of ours, to become aware of this Truth, to realize and manifest it in everyday life through right conduct. Daily meditation and introspective self-awareness, conscious and simple living, sense of belonging and kindness to all forms of life (not just humans) and to Mother Nature as a whole, not wasting or abusing anything, a realization that there can be more than one way to look at anything (acceptance of different viewpoints), and a deepening sense of gratitude for existence itself will result in non-violence, peace and harmony. All religions are true but all of them need to progress from judgmental dogmatic beliefs and rituals to right living. Religion must evolve into spirituality, the common essential core of all faiths. All prophets of all faiths want us to live in peace and brotherhood ; we do not honor them unless we \'live\' their teachings - in private and in public. The prophets are united in One God ; the followers must follow suit.

    All conflict, all strife, all suffering ... is just spiritual isolation. All peace, all harmony, all love... is just spiritual realization. Aum... Hum... Amen... Ameen... Shanti... Peace...

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      Professor M.S.Rao

      Thanks for your comments and adding value to this prestigious post.

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    You have highlighted global peace and prosperity at the right time. The world is at the crossroads. Your message is highly inspiring. Entire mankind must follow your pledge so that we can live with peace and prosperity.


    I am part of your vision and I am your die-hard follower.

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    Abhilash Reddy

    excellent article with great insights and ideas.

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    Vinay Kumar

    Excellent article preaching for global peace and prosperity. I admire Professor M.S.Rao from the core of my heart for his great heart to pioneer for global peace. 

    The pledge is highly thought-provoking and inspiring. 

    I support his vision. I am his die-hard follower. 


    I want him to become the President of India one day. 


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    Excellent article!

    I support Prof. M.S.Rao for pioneering global peace and prosperity. 

    We want more such articles from this international peace ambassador

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    Excellent post! Here is my endorsement about this legend:

    "First time in my life, I heard the word 'passion' from Professor M.S.Rao. He taught us how to set goals and the ways to accomplish them.  He is tactful in making us realize our mistakes to become better students and citizens. I would be excited to attend more of his leadership training programs." -

    Byagari Kanakaraju


    I am your follower

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    Dear sir,

    It is possible with your articles in this cyberworld, we dont abt luther kigs\' words but you are injecting us new force with your articles(global peace clutural civilisation)

    Sr Librarian

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    Abdul Karim Masri

    I really appreciate your nice and wonderful article and future view, but in this world, we reached a point that, for their best interest, superpowers always seek the control and the domination, to achieve this goal it requires them to take on the weak resources, which in their turn they will, of course, defend their resources and rights resulting in a lack of stability and security. But this does not prevent the publication of such lofty goals, certainly, one day, this wishlists must be realized. That is, unfortunately, far-fetched.

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    Ajay Kumar Reddy


    Your vision is highly inspiring worth emulating by others. You have the qualities of Swami Vivekananda who was a youth leader and inspired many people across the world through universal brotherhood and fraternity. 

    Intellectuals like you are needed not only for India but also to the world. 

    You deserve to occupy India\'s highest office of Presidency. I want to see you as President of India one day. 

    All the best!

    I am your follower. 

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    Ramachandran Nair P S

    Charity begins at home. So also peace and harmony. It is those values that differentiates a house from a home. To home ,we are emotionally bound. To house,  we are not.

    We imbibe concepts of fraternity , love etc from our homes; from our mother , father, brother, sister etc. From as a child we grow into the adult, citizens of a nation and world citizens. A rrotting  thing , wherever it is, rots other things . A sweet scenting flower, spreads its scent whether it is in a bouquet, in a basket, in a room or in a hall.

    We carry with us these qualities wherever we go, in whatever capacity we work.

    The world is  a collection of individuals, men and women. There may be differences. Just as the five fingers are not alike ,at the same time each finger is of importance in making the hand work , in spite of the individual differences in taste, culture etc, an individual established in family values can expand into the shape of a world citizen ,which, even though is  an impossibilbity to conceive of, becomes  a practicability if each of us plan for this. None is a perfect match for another. See husbands and wives. Family moves on by sacrificing certain unwanted elements for the sake of maintaining harmony. I we want , we can. Your thoughts are in the right direction. Thinking of a present day impossibility can lead to a future possibility. You have taken the lead. We can hope to follow. Where muscles fail, minds win

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    This is a thought provoking article on the International Day of Peace. Kudos to Professor M.S.Rao for pioneering the cause of global peace and prosperity on this day. This is a memorable day indeed for all human beings. It is time for us to think and work for global peace. We must love our neighbours and the citizens of the world. In fact, this is the first step to global peace.


    I sincerly admire the contribution and great heart of Prof. Rao

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    This is the article needed in the current global scenario where there is lots of violence. This article is an eye-opener for the countires that encourage violence. They must learn to love people to create global peace and prosperity. I congratulate Professor M.S.Rao, International Peace Ambassador to contribute more articles on UN and global peace. 

    Congratulations Sir. 

    I am your follower. 

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    P Nagesh

    Hi Sir

     Very good article reg: peace and brotherhood globaly how peace is important for people spread the massage  of peace is good thought for the International Peace Day. nice sir keep it up.

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    Hi Sir

    Very good article for spreding peace how peace is important golbally. keep it up sir have a naice day.


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    excellent article to spread the message of global peace and prosperity on the Day of International Peace

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