UN Legal Procedures and UN Secretary General
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UN Legal Procedures and UN Secretary General

Piraeus, October 02, 2013
His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-moon
The Secretary General of the United Nations

Due to ignor my previous letters and deliberately prevented it to reach Mr. Ban Ki-moon. Just to give this message a greater chance and draw the attention of the Secretary-General, after faxing it, I was compelled to use other mean for my message to reach him directly.

Sir, allow me to express my congratulations for your speech of September 24, 2013 "UN chief urges world leaders to answer demands of their people for dignity, development". Although the subject is sensitive and complicated, you have succeeded to raise it with great simplicity. So, I share proudly your opinion with respect and appreciation, most notably your statements:

"Leadership makes the difference, answer the just demands for human dignity, we Leaders are doing all it takes to secure a life of dignity for all."

You mentioned that you are implementing recommendations to ensure that the UN system upholds its responsibilities under the Charter, which is one of the most important matters especially for me personally.

In fact to call and urge the world to respect and implement integrity, dignity and compassion is the UN duties and form an integral part of the legislation of UN Charter. So, I am compelled to draw your attention that in the core of the United Nations internal procedures, unfortunately, these objectives are not properly applied so they are manipulated and are ignored in certain cases (particularly the cases that serves specific internal agendas and private interests against vulnerable and helpless staff) that's what I fronted personally, where my rights were violated intentionally, my dignity humiliated during the past six years by the UN Internal Justice (UNAT).

Certainly you will never violate the discretionary authority granted to you by the Security Council and the oath under the Article 97 of the UN Charter, therefore, you will not allow any of the UN entities violating or disregarding objectives you are trying to persuade the world to adopt, consequently on UNAT and OAJ the commitment to respect these objectives as been announced, which without doubt will allow me retrieves my disadvantaged rights.

By adopting and implementing these goals, it is necessary for UNAT judges to reconsider its wrong and illegal decisions previously issued against my case, (1) they denied and dismissed my request on the basis of illegitimate while it fulfilled all legal conditions, (2) they charged me with accusations did not commit (3) they have canceled the decision of my innocence illegally, indifferent of destroying my career which affected negatively and immediately on my family life.

In this regard, out of respect to your principles and based on the objectivity and diplomatic way by which these justifications has been provided, surely, certain actions and orders will be issued from your side, as in light of the above, I have every right to request the reconsideration of my case under different conditions, fair and impartial.

Looking forward to receive a satisfactory response, please accept my sincere appreciation.


Abdul Karim Antoine Masri

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