Triumph of Falsehood
Ki Moon

Triumph of Falsehood

I have to admit that in spite of many attempts, I failed to transmit my last message of 02 Oct. 2013 to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary General, due to the violent confrontation of those around him who barred its arrival to him.

Human life has totally changed; today group of mighty are controlling the world, crushing the vulnerable, indifferent without conscience and with no mercy, undermine the rules to fit their personal interests. Unfortunately, the law of jungle is realistic and has embarked on implementing it on the human race but pursuant to its classification and its levels.

Due to these circumstances the oppressed were forced to face intolerable consequences because of the in-abilities to deliver its complaints to the competent authorities or ears to hear their debilitating voices to receive the necessary help and support. In fact, conscience is not a commodity, can not be purchased or found in books, it's divine gift stems from within each person to reflect his character and true nature therefore, it is priceless and should not be prey to exploitation or for sale, particularly when it comes to take a crucial decision related to the future-career of an individual or his life, otherwise it will adversely affect and may destroy lives and breakup families ties.

Apparently, working at the UN is a good thing where you have the opportunity to socialize and deal with multiple nationalities and different traditions and cultures, have an administration that encourages the collaboration among the staff, appreciates and honors the hard working staff. Things which impart a wonderful nature on the work atmosphere, encourages the employees to perform better and enhances their ambitions in the quest to reach better positions.

One of the best opportunities for the staff within the UN system is the different challenging missions which gives the employee the chance to learn and gain wider work experience. In my case, at the missions in which I had served, despite my level, I was assigned to responsibilities which exceeded my grade which increased my experience and knowledge in a different field of work, nevertheless, has excelled and proved myself where I was able to complete successfully the tasks entrusted to me.

I can't deny that during my 24 years at the UN, I have promoted my personality, my family and my life. I was introduced to different cultures and traditions. I even had the opportunity to visit and know different areas and places; certainly, I was not able to discover them on my own.

Thus I spent half my life within the UN system, faithful to my work and to the Organization, have provided my best performance within the crucible of the system with honor and honesty. But in the midst of my preoccupation and the work pressure, I missed a significant point "protect my back" which, later, cost me dearly. The disgraceful is that my offenders were among the closest persons to me at work (the DOA, my Chief and my direct superior).

These are the events as occurred in my recent mission in D.R. Congo (DRC). Due to my long stay and the nature of my work were an opportunity for me to get to know many important traders and businessmen, in addition to that I was friendly by nature my name became known by everybody, a situation which was not appreciated by some around me, and that was disclosed later as it created serious problems by my enemies.

All of a sudden, I found my self accused of earnest and serious matters. Somehow, my loyalty to the organization, the appreciation and praise that I was granted during the years of my service not to mention the risks encountered during the performance of my duties in the this mission was intentionally ignored versus the pre-arranged conspiracy by my offenders to get rid of me and their endeavors with the OIOS in UN HQ, NY who responded to the plan and immediately dispatched two of its investigators who crossed all the way from NY to DRC, incurring heavy expenditures to the organization. All these efforts were only to give the planned unfair dismissal the legal and official formula (had succeeded in its mission in excluding me out of the organization).

The whole scenario started from the beginning of the investigation, though I was not yet been identified, but there were several clear violations in my due process rights, It was clear that I was the target even before the start of the investigations, because:
(a) The investigators refused my right for a counsel
(b) They threatened me that by refusing to cooperate would be incriminating my self
(c) The questions from the investigators were hostile
(c) A security guard was placed, at all time, in the room where the interview was being conducted.

So, within short period and right after the closure of the investigations, as was planned and agreed upon in advance, I was immediately suspended from my duties and quickly summary dismissed prior to JDC review or appropriate trial. My big disappointment was the betrayal of the organization which after many years of service and loyalty decided to select me to be scapegoat for things everybody knows it is not true, but for some reason they agreed on these accusations against me. But it should be noted that all my accusations are based on hearsay and facts of these charges have never been established.

Actually, I am the sole breadwinner to my whole family and parents, I am not from a rich family and never a wealthy person, my salary was my only income. Therefore, my loss was significant due to the sudden dismissal and depriving me from any compensation. Due to the serious economical crisis, jobs in Europe became an elusive dream for the young so what is the chance for seniors like me? Thus I am unemployed and without income over the past seven years which drove my financial situation below the misery line. Presently because I am unable to afford the family basic responsibilities, I lost the trust and respect of my wife and my children. In fact my loss is priceless because I lost the most valuable things "THE FAMILY" which certainly can not be compensated.

Actually, the inconsistencies in the International Organizations for Peace Keeping and Human Rights "THE UNITED NATIONS" is very wide and ramified, most notably:
(a) The abuse of the internal justice
(b) Abuse of the provided privileges, under the Immunity umbrella, certain rules of the internal procedures are violated to meet and serve particular interests, and;
(c) Known that the meeting with the Secretary-General is almost impossible, which does not give the wronged the opportunity to validate the action taken against them, which raises doubts on the legitimacy of the decision issued as a result of a deliberate violation of Rules and poses the serious question: "whether the name of the Secretary-General's is purposely inflicted on such decisions to give it weight and legal value to be implemented without any objection"

The sad part is, while he urges and press the others to respect the application of the human values, the Secretary-General sits in his hermitage surrounded by high walls that obscures his vision facts for what they are and prevents him from seeing that some of the core issues in his Organization operates contrary to its track, unlike his aspirations and his objectives. Of course vulnerable employees like me pay the price ultimately.


In the midst of this complicated tangle with the limited resources and abilities, I am trying hard and strongly to spread my distressing story wide as possible hoping to draw the attention of greatest number of conscientious people. In fact the message is particularly addressed to the majority of senior officials of the UN advocates and supporters of the right, there certainly one of them who sees the truth, does not hesitate to impose his authority and agrees to assume his responsibilities to put things on its right track in order to change the equation to "grant victory to right against falsehood".

Thus he can request the court to reconsider impartially at the illegal rules they have used to reject my case, their ignoring the evidences officially submitted in addition to my rights that were intentionally violated during the trial procedures. This should give my case a new opportunity to be reviewed with fairness and integrity, then, by applying UNAT proper Rules of Procedures I will get the appropriate justice. The verdict which will be issued in the light of these circumstances will be respected and will be adopted as a final decision.

Even if I do not have the skills, the characteristics of lawyer, or experience in the courtrooms and the ability to argue legal theories before the judges, but by using the common sense acquired from God I managed to draft the below:

I pray to God, tell us what is right, tell us what is truth, the reason of justice, the rich win, the poor are powerless, it become tire appearing people lies and after a time we become dead, we think about ourselves as victims and we become victims, we become weak without ourselves without our beliefs, without our institution and without the law, but the day you are the law, at some books at the lawyers at one book statute or the trafficking of the court, it goes with the symbols or our desires to be just, they are fact to prayers, frighten prayers, in life, religion is act of these who has faith, faith will be given to you, it happen, if you have faith in justice, you need only to believe in yourselves and act with justice, I believe that you must have justice somewhere in your heart.

Abdul Karim Antoine Masri

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