UN Messengers of Peace
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UN Messengers of Peace

The United Nations started its Messengers of Peace program more than 10 years ago. Now, there are 10 UN Messengers of Peace: Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, Daniel Barenboim, George Clooney, Paulo Coelho, Midori Goto, Michael Douglas, Jane Goodall, Yo-Yo Ma, Charlize Theron and Elie Wiesel. These celebrities are selected from the fields of art, literature, music and sports to help focus worldwide attention on the work of the United Nations and to raise awareness of the United Nations' efforts to improve the lives of billions of people everywhere through their public appearances, contacts with the international media and humanitarian work. View Link…

There are 6 former UN Messengers of Peace: Muhammad Ali, Vijay Amritraj, Anna Cataldi, Enrico Macias, Wynton Marsalis and Luciano Pavarotti. These former UN Messengers of Peace have gracefully lent their names, reputations and energy to motivate people to press for a more peaceful world.  View Link…

To complement the UN Messengers of Peace program, the UN has 160 Goodwill Ambassadors in designated geographical and substantive areas. The UN Goodwill Ambassadors are distinguished public figures from various walks of life, they include: Nelson Mandela, George McGovern, Roger Federer, Danny Glover, Whoopi Goldberg, and Angelina Jolie. View Link…

Two suggestions to help enhance the good programs of UN Messengers of Peace and UN Goodwill Ambassadors:

  1. In addition to selecting distinguished individuals from the fields of art, literature, music and sports; the fields of selection should be widened to include more individuals from the fields of science, academics and business.
  2. In addition to selecting distinguished individuals as UN Messengers of Peace and UN Goodwill Ambassadors; distinguished organizations (NGOs, businesses, media) should also be considered as UN Messengers of Peace and UN Goodwill Ambassadors.

A word to the UN Messengers of Peace and UN Goodwill Ambassadors:

UN Messengers of Peace and UN Goodwill Ambassadors should look inside the UN first to motivate the UN staff and to address the institutionalized injustices and the unfair conditions inside the UN. There are many cases of outrageous injustice and absolute dictatorship inside the UN. UN Messengers of Peace and UN Goodwill Ambassadors should direct some of their attention, advocacy and lobbying towards improving the conditions of many inside the UN whose rights are violated regularly by the UN itself. Please remember that inside the UN is not always what it appears from the outside. The reality inside the UN is often disturbing, UN staff often suffer from abusive management, the UN staff have very limited means of addressing theses injustices or taking action against it; most of these means are symbolic such as casting a vote of no confidence in the UN management as was recently cast. View Link…

A word to the UN staff dealing with the UN Messengers of Peace and UN Goodwill Ambassadors:

You should use utmost tact and predictive diplomacy when dealing with the UN Messengers of Peace and UN Goodwill Ambassadors. Please know the limits of what your UN Messengers of Peace or UN Goodwill Ambassadors can or will do for the UN in order to pro-actively channel their talents to help the UN and to avoid situations that can end up embarrassing the UN, such was the case with a recent Goodwill Ambassador for UNFPA who led a sharp campaign against the UN including media appearances stating "it is a dishonor to be a UN Goodwill Ambassador". While that campaign was underway, the UNFPA Executive Director, Ms. Thoraya Obaid, was defending that Goodwill Ambassadors and trying to appease and keep that Goodwill Ambassadors. Such embarrassing situations for the UN should be predicted and avoided. However, it should be mentioned that such cases are very rare, the great majority of the UN Messengers of Peace and UN Goodwill Ambassadors make great contributions to the UN by volunteering their time and their talent.

M. Alaadin A. Morsy

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To whome it may concern,

My name is Luke Kamkhanmung and Myanmar nationality who is try to register My refugee status under UNHCR of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpure City.
Today 20/May/2009 ah PUDU Rail Station in Kuala Lumpre city, I was stopped by three Police and they ask me for ID: I told them I am a refugee coming from Myanmar, and What I have ID is Alliance OF Chin Refugee Card which is working along with UNHCR,the work proceeding the case of refugees in link with UNHCR.So, I showed the Police ACR Card but the Police started to insult me…slapping my face like anything,I beg for the mercy but they don't care my request, and Robbed my money amount of 500 RM(Malaysian Dollor) and my mobile phone worth of 700RM and kicked me away from them.
I have no power to defence from their insult, I have no help for protection in Kurla Lumpure.
The event took place at PUDU Rial Station,at 3:30pm of 20/May/2009. I have no voice to help me . Please kindly give me your help to protect me,,, These are the things Malaysian Police are doing on Chin Refugees as well as Burmese Refugees.In fact I was a Law student in my back home Country due to the fear of Persecution in Burma under Military Governtment,I have come to escape from Burma to Malaysia. The Malaysian Police should not mistreat me as I have mentioned above and they are actually voilated the Police rule and regulation of doing their investigation.,,they should not slap my face nor beat and kick my buttock… I was really humiliated by Malaysian Police. They are actually with lincenced to rob the refugees and insulting on refugees,this is voilation of the Human rights. Please kindly help me with my case and the other refugees also suffer the same mistreatment.
As far as my case is concerned, I see there is no reason why Police should mistreat me and other refugees. If they don't think My ACR Card is not resonable for them,they should take me to their Police Station and do according their Procedure to file my case, not to rob me on the way. Why question to Malaysian Police is that are you licenced to rob refugees in Malaysia? and toturing the refugees with their Police power? The refugees like me can not get Refugees rights and priviledges in Malaysia. For example,see my case that The three Police with full of police equipments and uniform,slapping and kicking me eventhough I treat them with respect and fear and begging their mercy on me,finally they robbed my 500RM which I have laboured in Hot SUN and 700 RM worth of Mobile phone which a usefull tool to communicate with my beloved family in back home country.Then, they left me with bleeding face. It is really crue action on a refugee and a big shame for their Country History,I shall never forget the incedent, one day when Burma turn to be ruled by Democracy, the next generation will be told the mistreatment in malaysian by their Parents.What will be consequence of this I can not predict now, the nest generations will decide how to react..

with regards
Luke Kamkhanmung of Chin refugees