Gabrielle Pickard

Women and Camp Ashraf

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Iran’s Biggest Empowerment Inner courtyards and roads are paved with gravel and mud, intolerable for the sick and the handicapped. Sky-high towers bestowed with cameras and armed forces with semi-heavy machine guns patrol regularly. A malfunctioning sewage system runs down the streets, there is no serviceable water supply. Residential trailers are filthy, the beds are …

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Combat Child Labor

nike child labor

Turn Rhetoric into Action to Combat Child Labor.. “My Christmas shopping seems to have not cost as much this year”, I overhear a middle-aged lady tell her friend as she leaves the ‘cheap and cheerful’ British clothing chain Primark laden with bags and boxes. With dresses for sale for £8, jumpers costing as little as …

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Trade and Human Rights

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Trade and Human Rights should be treated as separate issues.. It’s plastered across the British press, mentioned on every newspaper front page, broadsheets and tabloids alike. Each TV news channel you flick through is dedicated to David Cameron’s first visit to China as Prime Minister. Whenever there is an important and hugely significant summit between …

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Mexico and UN Convention Against Corruption

mexican dead hands1

In 2003, the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) was formed, obliging its States Parties to “implement a wide and detailed range of anti-corruption measures affecting their laws, institutions and practices.” These measures were aimed to promote “prevention, criminalization and law-enforcement.” Ironically the Convention was formed in Merida, Mexico. I say ironically, because Mexico, seven …

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