Hans Dholakia

Hans Dholakia, a senior consultant and an experienced faculty, is the Founder-President of Holistic Health & Luminous Learning Inc., Noida, India He also happens to be an engineer (Chem Engg from Jadavpur University, Kolkata 1972 batch), a poet (his poems can be read on http://hansyoga.com/poems.htm), a linguist (6 languages, incl. English, Hindi, Bengali, & Gujarati, and fair amount of Oriya & Sanskrit), a trainer, a holistic motivational speaker, a Personal Counsellor, & a Corporate Yoga Coach. He has been practicing Yoga for about 28 years (incl. Kriya Yoga, the highest Pranayama/Meditation technique). He lives at Noida, India. He has a total of 40 years’ experience, being 28 years in Sales/Marketing ending at Director/VP levels and about 12 years in training. His training seamlessly blends Science with Spirituality, integrating modern management thinking / mind-body wellness research / Quantum Theory / S.Q. etc., with ageless spiritual wisdom of all faiths and the incredible do-able techniques in Yoga, shorn clear of all religious dogma. His website is http://www.hansyoga.com, his blogs appear at various sites, including http://www.hansdholakia.blogspot.com To read hundreds of rave feedbacks that his programs have generated, please browse www.hansyoga.com/what.htm His English poems can be read at www.hansyoga.com/poems.htm ; his blogs can be seen at http://www.speakingtree.in/public/hans.dholakia/blog and www.hansyoga.com/blogs.html

Harvard 300

Human Mind: Drunken Monkey or Mighty Creator

Human Mind: Drunken Monkey or Mighty CreatorMind, until governed by soul wisdom, is very complex and tricky. In fact, Swami Vivekananda used to say that a mind that does not learn to meditate is like a drunken monkey bitten by a scorpion and possessed by a devil’s soul. Indeed, governing the mind is a hard job. We shall see here how to discipline, befriend and optimize the mind.…
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Walt Whitman 12

The Key to World Peace

The Key to World PeaceWe all want peace and happiness for ourselves. The wise among us desire peace and happiness for all; they feel concerned about conflicts and wars anywhere in the world. International leaders and philosophers have said and written volumes on the subject of World Peace. Yet how World Peace eludes us!


Some think it is poverty or want that is at the root of conflicts, but even prosperous nations have had internal conflicts.

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