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Haiti Earthquake 2010

UN Haiti Relief, Recovery, Development

Calling for UN Immediate Relief and Recovery for Haiti. What is there to say about this tragedy? What to do? How to get there? As a Caribbean national having grown up in New York, I have always been around Haitians; they were my next door neighbors, renting from the old Jewish lady with mezuzahs on her doorways, as existed on my home. I have moved through life with Haitians. I had a boyfriend from Haiti; we met as we both launched careers as international development professionals heading to Africa on…

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Women Activisim

Women Activism in Emerging Economies

In Trinidad, 2009, two books were written regarding a nascent activist movement against the plan of the government for smelter in southern lands, untouched forest since the time of Columbus. Both books were written by men, activists in this Anti-Smelter movement. One book was written by humanities lecturer Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh. The other was written by an Orisha, indigenous African religion from Nigeria, Yoruba State, adherent, Burton Sankerali. Wayne’s book spoke about his philosophy on national development. For Wayne did not just oppose what the government was doing in its…

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Women Activists

UN Reform, Women – Grassroots

Shift UN Resources and Access to Women & Grassroots.Searching for proof or agreement to my belief, by suggested answers on the Internet, I posed the question:  “is there a need for UN Reform where the UN supports individual and grassroots level action and activism?†A document on Guidelines for Women’s Empowerment pops up as first of results. I did not get beyond this reference.Putting aside my expected topics to begin writing that included Women, Movements, New Leadership; or, Guns, Gangs, Governance; or No One Talks of Globalization Anymore; and Leadership…