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Gossip Reporter’s Death Haunts Chinese Media

BEIJING: On a balmy spring day in the capital city of China, a China Radio International (CRI) employee had discovered a dead corpse lying beside the radio station’s apartment complex. Yan Yinan, co-host of the gossip talk-radio program, China Drive, had died in an apparent suicide. It occurred on a Good Friday, which is three days before Christians celebrate Easter. Suicides in the Asia-Pacific region are not rare, especially for people aged in their 20's and 30's, when some feel as if their personal lives and careers have reached a…

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What is Inner City Press?

A news website that claims to conduct hard-hitting investigative journalism on the United Nations faces questions over its credibility and motives. The Inner City Press posts articles with on-the-record quotes by high-level UN officials while exposing shocking details of alleged corruption. This seems relevant for the mainstream media, since there are many rumors and innuendos of rampant corruption at the UN, while officials enjoy diplomatic immunity so they can act with impunity and above the law. Yet, Inner City Press’s sole reporter is rarely mentioned by legitimate journalists when they…

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International Cover-up, Priest Misconduct

The former coordinator of Jesuit sexual misconduct investigations, referred to here as Fr. JG, faces allegations that he molested a high school boy in 1971. His accuser is disclosing his allegations after the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) encouraged him to look into filing a lawsuit against the Jesuits' Province of Chicago, Fr. JG, St. Ignatius High School in Chicago, Ill., Loyola Academy in Willmette, Ill., and the Archdiocese of Chicago.The story goes back to a hot August day in 2003, Charlie, which is not his real…

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UN Medical Services

Is it possible for a prestigious medical clinic in New York City to exist if many of the hired doctors and registered nurses are not fully trained and licensed to practice medicine in New York State? Actually, "yes." The United Nations Medical Services Division (UN MSD) operates a walk-in occupational health clinic on the fifth floor of the UN Secretariat building in the heart of Manhattan.  Ironically, the Director of the UN MSD, is not a licensed physician in the State of New York.  More shocking, Fox News on April…