UN Internal Justice

UN Internal Justice


UN Justice and Secrecy

UN Justice and SecrecyOne of the oldest democracies in the world, Greece, recognized the vital, organic and inherent interdependence between justice, transparency and human rights. Greece established the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights as State Justice Secretariat in 1833.

This pioneering  Greek Ministry should serve as a lesson for the UN, and indeed as a shining example for all countries, that transparency is both a pre-requisite for justice and a necessary outcome of justice as well, while human rights remain the overall framework of real justice.…
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Discovering Life with Compassion and Rule of Law

Discovering Life with Compassion and Rule of LawCompassion is the sensitivity to another’s suffering and the corresponding will to free the other from that suffering.” Buddhist Teaching.

Towards a just, secure and peaceful world governed by the rule of law.”  UN Website on the Rule of Law

Let me begin by recalling the great scientist of the 20th century, Einstein’s poignant statement:
A human being is a part of the whole, called by us, universe, a part limited in time and space.
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UN Judges

Bravo! Judge Adams

Bravo! Judge AdamsNew sunshine exposing the muck around… Can this be cleared sooner than later?

Ref: UNDT Judgment UNDT/2010/001/R, 6 January 2010, and UNDT Judgment UNDT/2010/030, 22 February 2010. Abboud vs Secretary-General of the United Nations.

To say in one sentence: the twenty-five pages of judgment UNDT/2010/001/R, 6 January 2010, while upholding applicant’s appeal and awarding a compensation to him, exposed the accumulated ego-muck galore, and the usual emotional and manipulative garbage in the UN top down.…
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Whistle Blower

UN Whistle-Blower Protection

UN Whistle-Blower ProtectionThis is a quick review of a UN Whistle-Blower Protection case through the Prism of Law of Dharma.  Order number 19 (NY/2010) of the UN Disputes Tribunal, 3 Feb 2010, Wasserstrom vs UN Secretary-General.

You have a right to action/work; but not to its fruits (results). Don’t be motivated by rewards/results, nor become a prisoner of inaction.
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united nations pension justice

UN Retirees Common Cause Appeal Hearing

UN Retirees Common Cause Appeal HearingCommon Cause Appeal by UN Retirees submitted in August/ September 2009, Case # UNAT 2009-001. Revisited in February 2010. Case due for hearing 15 March – 1 April 2010 in Geneva.


Since the submission of our Common Cause Appeal (plus Addendum) to the newly constituted UN Appeals Tribunal (case # UNAT 2009-001) by end September 2009, and its sharing with concerned retirees through the courtesy of  The UN Post, UN Justice and UN Pensioner India; in the following months.…
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Davos 2010 Open Forum

Dynamics of Life with Justice

Dynamics of Life with JusticeA Great Show Ever – Dynamics of Life with Justice.

Life as lived is as good as the values that are supported by the four elements of Purusasthas, Sanskrit term for life’s purpose – Upanishad statement.

One may not know whether Albert Einstein was a believer or not, but his discovery or self-realization that there is spirit in the universe that manifests in varied ways, colors, forms and names is fundamental to our understanding of the dynamics of life and the relationships on this planet.…
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Letter VI Retirees

Letter VI to UN Retirees on Common Cause

Letter VI to UN Retirees on Common CauseOpen Letter (VI) – Revised – to the UN Retirees (1/3 Lump Sum Recipients).

Time to verify the reality about redesigned & rebuilt UN Internal Justice: Has it become worthy of public trust?

Note: Following our appeal, submitted earlier, we have received several comments and critique to our open letter VI, based on which it has now been possible to revise and place it in a final form.
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UN Pension Case 12

Cause for Celebration, Letter to UN Retirees

Cause for Celebration, Letter to UN Retirees

Dear Colleagues:

2010 – The Year of Reckoning?

Open Letter (v) to the UN Retirees (1/3 Lump Sum Recipients).

At a time when the world is short of causes for celebration, here comes a candidate. It appears that the UN Disputes Tribunal (UNDT), born 1 July 2009, has already cleared no less than 96 cases by the time the year 2009 came to a close.…
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UN Retirees

Letter to UN Retirees on Common Cause

Letter to UN Retirees on Common CauseDear UN Retirees,

2010 – The year of Hope? In closing 2009, we wish to send our Season’s greeting and offer best wishes for a New Year 2010 that would bring in new hopes for the UN Internal Justice System.

In the last three Open Letters we have described the background and profound arguments of our Common Cause Appeal (Case # UNAT 2009-001) submitted to the newly established UN Appeals Tribunal.…
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UN Pension Fund

UN Common Cause Appeal

UN Common Cause AppealHere is another case of internal injustice in the United Nations. This case is about the United Nations Pension Fund incoherent and unjust practices in dealing with a large segment of the UN retirees.

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