UN Population & Gender

UN Population & Gender

Women’s Day

Women day

I’m a painter who only paints the portraits of women! I’ve a portrait of: A woman who miles away, bare-footed under the blazing sun, walks And fetches the drinking water from a polluted pond! A woman pregnant who taking rest instead, Toils with men and feed her poor family; A woman who in the morning …

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Combat Child Labor

nike child labor

Turn Rhetoric into Action to Combat Child Labor.. “My Christmas shopping seems to have not cost as much this year”, I overhear a middle-aged lady tell her friend as she leaves the ‘cheap and cheerful’ British clothing chain Primark laden with bags and boxes. With dresses for sale for £8, jumpers costing as little as …

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UN Influence, in Retracting Inequitable Laws, and China

Will the UNs influence ever deter Chinas coercive one child policy I

Over the past decade China has implemented and promoted some highly progressive and commendable policies, which can be seen as a pragmatic response to China’s cooperation with the United Nations. An expansion in community-based methadone therapy and needle exchange program, showed China’s dedication to being in accordance with human-centered principles. Most recently was China’s announcement …

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