UN Secretary General

UN Secretary General

Kofi Annan

Case of Common Sense

Case of Common SenseCase of common sense and prudence or case of superiority complex and incompetence?!

UN Admin Tribunal Judgment # 1495 of 23 December 2009 in the case of former United Nations Secretary General Mr. Kofi Annan vs. the ever-powerful law-unto-itself  UNJSPF.

“The actions of a great man are inspiration to others; Whatever he does, becomes a standard for others to follow.”…
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Norway Envoy

UN Ambassador Blasts UN SG

UN Ambassador Blasts UN SGThe Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reported today that Norway’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Ms. Mona Juul, accused the United Nations Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon of  lack of charisma, weak leadership and angry outbursts.

The newspaper published the “confidential letter” to Norway’s foreign ministry from Ms. Juul, that included “At a time when the UN and multilateral solutions to global crises are more needed than ever, Ban and the UN are notable by their absence“.…
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oios inaction7

UN OIOS Inaction

UN OIOS InactionThis is the third round of the case we reported under UN Broken Justice and UN Internal Injustice. This round shows the management corruption inside the UN and how the organization covers it up. Before we get into the case, these definitions are useful in understanding the legal terms: Appellant is the UN staff member, SLWFP is Special Leave With Full Pay, PAD is Performance Appraisal and Development, OIOS is the United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services, UNFPA ED is the UNFPA Executive Director, and Panel is the United Nations Joint Appeals Board (JAB) Panel.…
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internal oversight 150 2

UN Internal Oversight

UN Internal OversightThe United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) was established in July 1994. The statement of activities of the OIOS Investigations Division states “The Investigations Division follows up on reports of possible violations of rules or regulations, mismanagement, misconduct, waste of resources or abuse of authority.” View Link…

We would appreciate your views on these issues:

  1. Did the United Nations succeed in eliminating or reducing internal mismanagement, misconduct, waste or abuse?
  2. Do you know of cases of mismanagement, misconduct, waste of resources or abuse of authority in the United Nations?
  3. Are you a victim of the United Nations mismanagement, misconduct, waste of resources or abuse of authority?
  4. Should the United Nations officials be accountable without immunity before national courts in their duty stations?

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