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Monopoly Game

As the Arab Awakening unfolds, Egypt is going through a transitional state, fighting for democracy and searching for its new identity.

A Monopoly Game of a political nature recently emerged in the blustering political arena. A game oddly played by five disparate bickering forces, yet they were the only forces to be involved and affirmed an active role.

Washington, Qatar, Turkey, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and the mainstream media, five pivotal entities guided by their own interests, they gained an exclusive monopoly privilege and dictated their political agenda over Egypt.

Qatar, a regional patron for the Muslim Brotherhood, discreetly supported their networks with abundant and generous funds. It’s endeavor is as lethal as a gun held in the hands of a radical, yet, its generous support to the Islamic organizations creates a safety net for the MB activities. Egyptian’s safety however, was never taken into consideration.

Washington believes that its interests are best served by maintaining Israel’s best interest. The security of Israel’s forces, intelligence, and industries, will remain endangered if a more stable environment wasn’t provided. Therefore Washington reasoned that its alliance with the MB is an alliance with the entire Islamic movement, and will guarantee a more stable surroundings for Israel. Egyptian stability however was never taken into estimation.

US Aid of 1.3 Billion dollars annually to Egypt became contingent on Washington’s validation of the June 30th Revolution, while president Obama exhibits a vacillating stance towards the abrupt incidence. Congressional leaders were constantly placing pressure on the Egyptian Army to subdue the new government to the welfare of their political agenda. Egyptians welfare however, was never taken into reconciliation.

With the Ottoman imperial ambition, Turkey’s prime minister Mr.Tayeb Erdogan had a vision of an Islamic region ruled by MB parties. He aspired for Turkey to become the MB mentor in the middle East. However, the toppling of Mursi and the entire MB regime in Egypt was a big blow to his vision. Drastic measures like recalling the Turkish ambassador and interrupting political ties with Egypt were indicative of irrational ascendency, and illogical reaction to the wounded pride of the Prime Minister. Egyptians pride however, was never taken into recognition.

Muslim Brotherhood believed that their accession to power in Egypt, irrespective of their ruling party’s poor performance, is a long anticipated enterprise that will enable them to realize their millenarian dream of expansion and rebuilding the sovereignty of Caliphate state, Egyptians sovereignty however, was never taken into calculation.

The mainstream media of some foreign countries, particularly the United States, declared a biased and blind partiality towards the MB. Some of them announced it emphatically through their online, print and satellite media. A distinct tone of condemnation and disapproval of the Army’s siding to the people’s demand was easily detected in their content. A Conduct typical for a media guided and dictated by international interest. Egyptians interest however, was never taken into notification.

Sinai, the golden sands, became recently an unruly zone for artillery smuggling and hit and run drills of Jihadi armed groups, who later in an attempt to reinstate Mursi and safeguard the MB political entity, took up the streets of Cairo in a show down of vengeance. Egyptians entity however, was never taken into evaluation.

The ill defined skepticism at General Alsisi’s unmarred intention and the military’s neutral stance is jeopardizing Egyptians decade-long trust in the Army and causing further fragmentation of the society cohesive fabric. A malice tactic plotted to force the people to seek unity and assurance under the MB safe asylum. Egyptians unity however, was never taken into deliberation.

It is not odd, to witness a country being oppressed by another country or subdued by imperialism, but it is quite odd to witness a country being aggressed with such a severity by various forces of dictatorship, imperialism and creed all together.

Since the January 25th Revolution, Egypt deep rooted Islamic characteristics were trying to accomplish an identity that would embrace its democratic ambitions and liberal aspiration. Political Islam and the MB tribal loyalty creed is by no way to contribute to the formation of this new identity.

Since the fall of Mubarak regime, Egypt went through intervals of social turmoil, political turbulence, economic hardship, heightened insecurity and serious terrorism. All of which are plagues that almost brought the country to a grave destruction. Egyptians on the other hand, were subjected to servility and humiliation. They were manipulated and scape-goated for some super power rapacious greed and supremacy. They were never cared for as individuals, or perceived as average human beings aspiring for a decent life. Their endurance and strength went unnoticed and their powers to withstand hardships was never recognized.

It is a fight for democracy, but unless our rhetoric catches up with our actions, and our ethics catche up with our responsibilities. the monopoly players will remain in rotating mode and countries like Egypt will be pushed to the verge of disparity and people like Egyptians will remain the unsung heroes.

Faten Hafez

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    Thumbs up for Egypt’s Security Forces that arrested the top leaders of the MB terrorist organization. Egypt will continue to fight terrorism, despite the bias propaganda by western media coverage that shamefully portrayed the MB terrorist as victims.  

    Thumbs up to you Faten for a great article.

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      A great article, very articulate and deeply thoughtful about what actually is happening in Egypt, from a very smart writer.


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