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Triumph of Falsehood

Triumph of FalsehoodI have to admit that in spite of many attempts, I failed to transmit my last message of 02 Oct. 2013 to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary General, due to the violent confrontation of those around him who barred its arrival to him.

Human life has totally changed; today group of mighty are controlling the world, crushing the vulnerable, indifferent without conscience and with no mercy, undermine the rules to fit their personal interests.…
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UN Legal Procedures and UN Secretary General

UN Legal Procedures and UN Secretary GeneralPiraeus, October 02, 2013
His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-moon
The Secretary General of the United Nations

Due to ignor my previous letters and deliberately prevented it to reach Mr. Ban Ki-moon. Just to give this message a greater chance and draw the attention of the Secretary-General, after faxing it, I was compelled to use other mean for my message to reach him directly.…
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Reconsideration of Trial

Reconsideration of TrialIn the attempts of restoring my innocence, this is my message sent to the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon asking his assistance for the reconsideration of my trial with UNAT orally and publicly:

His Excellency UN Secretary-General
Mr. Ban Ki-Moon

Reference is made to my previous messages to you and to the UNAT Judges, I am sure that it was ignored and disregarded because as a normal person I am not entitled to contact the Secretary-General directly I should be at his level to communicate with him while you suppose to be the refuge of the staff in a thorny matters, or may be the main reason is my nationality due to how you stand toward the current regime!!…
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Absence of Impartiality in UN Internal Justice

Absence of Impartiality in UN Internal JusticeThis is a copy of my messages sent to the SG and UNAT Judges which –for sure– was either classified or sent to the shredders (as usual).

In order to avoid embarrassment the UNAT Judges keep dismissing and ignoring my submitted requests containing justifications and proves that refutes my fabricated charges in order not to admit that their initial decision was wrongly made, also to avoid involving the person(s) who forces them to violate their own statute and rules of procedures to take such wrong decision destroying the career and the life of a UN staff after 24 years of services.…
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Women day

Women’s Day

Women's Day

I’m a painter who only paints the portraits of women!
I’ve a portrait of:
A woman who miles away, bare-footed under the blazing sun, walks
And fetches the drinking water from a polluted pond!
A woman pregnant who taking rest instead,
Toils with men and feed her poor family;
A woman who in the morning is raped by her master
And in the night manhandled by the drunk husband
But raises voice never, since she has been taught
The husband is the mini-god while the master, the godfather!…
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Will Nobel Peace Prize free Liu Xiaobo?

Will Nobel Peace Prize free Liu Xiaobo?It has been hailed as an inspirational choice. Leaders from across the globe are commending the Nobel Peace Prize committee for honouring a ‘selfless nonconformist political prisoner’ and electing Liu Xiaobo as this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner. But will the world’s most honourable award actually bring Liu Xiaobo closer to freedom and in doing so, be evolutionary in the democracy movement?…
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UN Justice and Abuse

UN Justice and AbuseHere is another real-life case of injustice, abuse of authority and mismanagement by the United Nations. This case ruined the life of a  dedicated UN staff member and destroyed his career after 24 years of loyal services to the UN. This is the case (unedited) as told by the victim:


A. The
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International Cover-up, Priest Misconduct

International Cover-up, Priest MisconductThe former coordinator of Jesuit sexual misconduct investigations, referred to here as Fr. JG, faces allegations that he molested a high school boy in 1971. His accuser is disclosing his allegations after the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) encouraged him to look into filing a lawsuit against the Jesuits’ Province of Chicago, Fr.…
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UN Medical Services

UN Medical ServicesIs it possible for a prestigious medical clinic in New York City to exist if many of the hired doctors and registered nurses are not fully trained and licensed to practice medicine in New York State?

Actually, “yes.”

The United Nations Medical Services Division (UN MSD) operates a walk-in occupational health clinic on the fifth floor of the UN Secretariat building in the heart of Manhattan. …
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