Globalization: Ideological Construction or Evident Reality

Is globalization actually happening? Globalization: Ideological Construction or Evident Reality? No sooner has academician and local commentators seem to argue that globalization was changing everything in today’s world, that it became fashionable to proclaim the ‘end of globalization’ or the ’death of globalization’ post 9/11. However, this debate about globalization remains quite unfathomable and hence above questions unanswered. Globalization, as argued, is a slippery and dangerous yet most important buzzword of our times. It is slippery because it can have multiple meanings and can be used in multiple ways. It…

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Leadership Skills for Indian Students

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”. John Quincy Adams. There are mushrooming leadership development programs for students in the developed countries to impart leadership skills and abilities in students. Some prestigious international universities have customized training programs including Harvard Business School offering degrees in the domain of leadership. However, there are no such initiatives and courses in India despite being the second largest populated country in the world with the highest number of young population. In fact,…

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Dalai Lama 300

Corporate Governance and Ethical Leadership

"There are seven things that will destroy us: Wealth without work; Pleasure without conscience; Knowledge without character; Religion without sacrifice; Politics without principle; Science without humanity; Business without ethics". Mahatma Gandhi. When you evaluate the reasons for the collapse of global companies such as Enron, Tyco, Lehman Brothers, WorldCom, Global Crossing, and Indian company Satyam Computers, it is obvious that there was a complete disregard for ethics in their leaders. There is a need to emphasize ethics to ensure corporate governance.   Corporate governance means how companies can be controlled…

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Build Your Leadership Brand

"Your personal brand is a promise to your clients... a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability."  Jason Hartman. These are the days of branding to stand out from others. As every individual has a name, you must also have a brand for yourself to stand out from others. It serves as an image and helps you personally, professionally and socially to provide meaning to your life. Here is how you build your brand.     Adopt ABCDE of Branding Where A stands for anchoring your aspirations and expectations to…

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Way Forward II

Living Intelligently

“I expect to pass through life but once. If there be any kindness I show, let me do it now, as I shall not pass this way again.”  William Penn (1644–1718). "Trees bear fruit for the sake of others, rivers flow for the sake of others, cows produce milk for others. This body is (only) for doing good to others." Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, South India. In studying the perennial philosophy of human evolution, we become so amazed as to the important and unique trait or endowment or ability that separates…

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Leveraging CSR to Achieve MDGs

Trans-national businesses (TNs) have the opportunity to contribute directly to specific national development goals, in the short term and achieving targets under the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in the medium to long terms. In such an investment negotiating environment, opportunities will be created to enable governments in developing Commonwealth member States to leverage Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Inclusive Business (IB) strategies of multi-national companies to create "Triple Wins" for investors, governments and communities. A myriad of social and environmental concerns can be found under the umbrella of CSR or IB…

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Arab Summit1

أول مؤتمر قمة عربى للتنمية الإقتصادية والإجتماعية

فلسطين هى قضية العرب المحورية، هى قضية حق وشرعية وعدل وأمن وأرض وسلام وهى كذلك قضية تنمية إقتصادية وإجتماعية فى المنطقة العربية، فمراجعة للستين عام الماضية تبين أنه لولا حالة الضعف والتفكك والتأخر عن ركب التقدم العلمى لما وصلنا إلى الوضع الراهن الحزين فى فلسطين، إن التقدم الإقتصادى والإجتماعى والثقافى والعلمى والتكنولوجى من أهم محاور التعامل فى قضية فلسطين مع عالم يستجيب إلى منطق القوة ولا يعبأ بقوة المنطق ولا شرعية الحق. بمبادرة مصرية كويتية عقد فى الكويت فى ينايرالماضى (2009) أول مؤتمر قمة عربى للتنمية الإقتصادية والإجتماعية. وقد تزامن…

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WEF Davos 2010

Davos Videos – Rethink, Redesign, Rebuild

The theme of the Davos meeting this year was “Improve the State of the World: Rethink, Redesign and Rebuild". How timely for the economic and financial domains, considering the recent melt down of the global financial systems and the ensuing ripple effects on many industries and businesses; even more timely for the social, cultural and moral domains considering the break down of values, the absence of justice, freedom, security and democracy in many corners of our planet. Here are some of the highlight videos from this year, 2010, annual meeting…

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Alchemy Change Courage1

Alchemy of Change and Courage

"Become yourself the change that you want to see in others and in the world." Mahatma Gandhi. Having reviewed the judgements/decisions of the newly established UN Disputes Tribunal (July-Dec 2009) and having analysed the fundamentals of UN reform in three broad sectors – operations/administration; human resources/human assets management; and the area of geo-politics, I would probably suppose what the next logical step should be to think deeply how this whole change/transformation exercise can finally unfold. The UN reform itself has been a hot topic for many years of discussions, deliberations,…

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Regional Integration 3

UN Regional Integration

The United Nations has five regional commissions that perform the critical function of bridging the gap between the UN headquarters in New York and the UN program delivery at the country level. The UN regional commissions perform the missing-link regional functions in order to remedy a traditional yet still challenging weakness in the UN, that is regional integration for social and economic development. However, the UN regional commissions have many challenges of their own; funding, coherence and coordination are among these challenges. We will review these challenges after a brief…

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reform initiatives221

UN Reform Initiatives

The UN Reform became a key issue after Boutros Ghali assumed office as the 6th UN Secretary General, 1992-96.  In 1992, Boutros Ghali restructured the UN  Secretariat, consolidated many programs into the Department for Economic and Social Development and issued a major reform plan for Peace and Security; Agenda for Peace. In 1992-1996, a series of landmark international conferences took place under th auspices of the UN that set new policy standards, including: The Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 1992. View Link… The World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna,…