Dhaka To Host D-8 Summit 2020

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday confirmed that Dhaka is ready to host the next summit of the eight-nation D-8, Developing-8, as the forum’s secretary-general Ambassador Jaafar Ku Shaari called on her, reports BSS. “The Prime Minister mentioned that Dhaka would host the next D-8 summit in the third week of April, 2020”, premier’s press secretary Ihsanul Karim told a media briefing after the meeting at the PMO. During the talks, she proposed sharing of experiences among the eight nations for their further development. “Bangladesh is expected to take over…

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USA and ISIS: What Next?

As the U.S counter-strikes garners greater momentum, ISIS has begun training its militants to fly war planes, considered a major leap forward in combating the U.S forces. The London based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported ISIS to be in possession of three warplanes in Northern Syria. More than over a month since Obama went vocal with his aim to "degrade and ultimately destroy ISIS", the ground situations has worsened, with every passing day drudging even deeper into oblivion. At the base of it, the problem lies not in the…

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An Honor to be a Woman in India

“The man, who was born to a woman and doesn’t respect a woman, has no right to live in this world.” – Prof. M.S.Rao. Dear leaders, It is an honor to share some thoughts on women who constitute approximately half of the Indian population. You are the force behind India! You are the power of India! You are the real leaders of this great country! Several revolutions are successful with your active support. You have transformed the Indian society amazingly by working from behind scenes. Because you think what is…

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Iran Green Movement

Iranian Artists Support Green Movement

This is a statment signed by over 130 Iranian writers, actors, painters, radio and TV artists: The world has witnessed unprecedented violence and suppression against our peaceful, calm and smart people whose mere request is the right to choose their politicians, freedom, justice, free press and true democracy. Instead they were responded with terror, murder, containment and brutal violence by a government whose illegitimacy has been approved by the very anti-human measures they’ve practiced before the eyes of millions of people. We, the artists, writers, directors, film-makers and speakers acknowledge…

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Women Activists

UN Reform, Women – Grassroots

Shift UN Resources and Access to Women & Grassroots.Searching for proof or agreement to my belief, by suggested answers on the Internet, I posed the question:  “is there a need for UN Reform where the UN supports individual and grassroots level action and activism?†A document on Guidelines for Women’s Empowerment pops up as first of results. I did not get beyond this reference.Putting aside my expected topics to begin writing that included Women, Movements, New Leadership; or, Guns, Gangs, Governance; or No One Talks of Globalization Anymore; and Leadership…

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UN SG Congratulates Iran IV

UN Congratulates Iran President

The United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, sent a letter this Tuesday, August 11, to Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad congratulating him on his inauguration as President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The United Nations said that Mr. Ban Ki-moon had congratulated Mr. Ahmadinejad and "the letter went out yesterday" said UN spokeswoman Ms. Marie Okabe, who later said that letter was a "customary" letter sent to leaders after they are elected or re-elected and that it did not represent an endorsement of Mr. Ahmadinejad but added that the text…

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UN Silence on Iran

The situation in Iran is deteriorating. One side claims the presidential elections were stolen. The other side claims foreign powers are fueling the uprising. Meanwhile, there is a deafening silence from the United Nations. What is the truth about the situation in Iran? Who really won the presidential elections? What is the reality on the ground? Why is the UN silent on Iran? Update, Friday, June 26, 2009: After 10 days of silence on the situation in Iran, after 10 days of violence against protesters that lead to many deaths…