The Scarf Culturalist

The Scarf Culturalist. In vain have I tried to make sense of the paradoxes that surround me.  A courteous smile with a tint of dislike, a genial greeting with a sense of resentment, and a friendly look with a hint of anxiety. I am puzzled by this paradox, but I am more puzzled by the fact that I am its instigator. Is it my head covering, or my code switching? I definitely don’t have an accent and this hesitation is incomprehensible. One day I was walking my dog and a…

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Abdel Fattah el Sissi 008

Monopoly Game

As the Arab Awakening unfolds, Egypt is going through a transitional state, fighting for democracy and searching for its new identity. A Monopoly Game of a political nature recently emerged in the blustering political arena. A game oddly played by five disparate bickering forces, yet they were the only forces to be involved and affirmed an active role. Washington, Qatar, Turkey, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and the mainstream media, five pivotal entities guided by their own interests, they gained an exclusive monopoly privilege and dictated their political agenda over Egypt.…

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Jeanine Pirro

Fox News Says The Truth

Americans will always be great people as long as there are millions of conscientious humans as this great Judge Jeanine Pirro. God Bless you Judge. God Bless Americans who still hold the great ethics of Roosevelt and Lincoln which really built today's Great America. Dear Judge Jeanine: Please teach that Kid Obama the meaning of terrorism. Thanks to Ibrahim Isa for discovering this important video. Mohamed Nabil Gamie Professor Alexandria University Copyright © 2013 • UN Post • All Rights Reserved

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photo sub ads 221

When Do We Draw The Line?

Yet another offensive anti-Islam practice emerged unexpectedly in 10 New York city subway stations. An anti-Islam subway ads viciously vilifying our nations and categorizing Muslim people as savages. These subway ads are among a series of repulsive activities unleashed periodically to set off fierce outrage and deadly riots in the Arab World. Far from freedom of speech, expression or the press, it is critical to recognize that these constant repulsive moves Against Islam are part of a growing islamophobia trend developed and manufactured to promote a wide-ranging antagonism against Islam.…

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camp ashraf attack1

Camp Ashraf Story – The Truth

In June this year freelance journalist Gabrielle Pickard spoke to Shahriar Kia, a political analyst expert on Iran since 1982 and spokesperson for Camp Ashraf, Iraq, about the role women have played in helping to improve the lives of Iranian exiles living in "poverty and squalor" in a refugee camp in Iraq, known as Camp Ashraf. Determined to publicise the truth about the inhumanity and degradation this group of so-called "protected persons" are facing, Gabrielle Pickard spoke to Shahriar Kia once more, who was more than happy to reveal the…

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Shahriar Kia 3001

Women and Camp Ashraf

Iran’s Biggest Empowerment Inner courtyards and roads are paved with gravel and mud, intolerable for the sick and the handicapped. Sky-high towers bestowed with cameras and armed forces with semi-heavy machine guns patrol regularly. A malfunctioning sewage system runs down the streets, there is no serviceable water supply. Residential trailers are filthy, the beds are broken. Accommodation that could not contrast more vividly to the spotless, orderly and hygienic photographs the United Nations Assistance Mission to Iraq (UNAMI) decorated, misleading residents. Welcome to Camp Liberty. These people aren’t just living in…

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Marrakech 2010 053

Poverty in Morocco

As the unevenness in wealth grows in Morocco, the age of excess needs to be replaced by an age of equality. If I was given a Dirham every time a Moroccan person picked up my two young sons and kissed them lovingly on the cheek during our recent five-day visit to Marrakesh, I would probably have made enough money to buy myself a "meat tagine" at one of the more up-market restaurants in the city. Touching and kissing fair-haired children, I am told by particularly enthusiastic and friendly local, is…

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helen thomas1

Helen Thomas First Amendment

The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment prohibits making any law impeding the free exercise of religion, infringing on the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the right to petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. Does the First Amendment apply to all, including Ms. Helen Thomas? Ms. Thomas was born in Winchester, Kentucky; on August 4, 1920; to Lebanese immigrants from Tripoli, Lebanon.…

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Israel Kills Activists

Photos are from Istanbul, Turkey, showing the funeral of the Turkish activists killed by Israel on 31 May 2010 in international waters aboard the aid flotilla Liberty that was set to deliver food, medicine and emergency supplies to Gaza. We reported some of the reactions from the UN, including the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, who said “I condemn this violence”, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms.  Navi Pillay, who said “nothing can justify the appalling outcome of this operation”, and the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation…

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Israeli Troops Attack Humanitarian Aid

Israel Attacks Aid Convoy

This morning, Israel armed forces attacked the unarmed humanitarian convoy at sea, the flotilla consisting of 6 peaceful ships, in route to deliver food aid and emergency supplies to Gaza. More than 16 civilians of different nationalities were killed by the Israeli attack on the peaceful convoy. This is yet another Crime Against Humanity by Israel. On the UN front, the UN Security Council was scheduled to meet today to discuss this massacre. The UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, said “I condemn this violence”. The UN High Commissioner for Human…

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Somali Pirates

War on Sea Piracy

How could the UN and governments worldwide do more to fight Somalia piracy? My 3-year-old son has a fixation with pirates. The perpetual excitement running around the house waving a sword in the air dressed as a pirate makes him exhilarated by the fact he knows pirates don’t really exist. Until he hears on the news that ‘pirates’ have kidnapped a couple of ships and are holding them at ransom. Even at the age of three, my son knows by the tone and seriousness of the news that, unlike Peter…

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Tripartite Invation 1956

UN Middle East Peace, 1949-1956

In our first article, UN Middle East Peace, from the perspective of the UN resolutions, we reviewed the historical highlights of Peace in the Middle East from the Balfour Declaration issued by the British Government in 1917, expressing support for the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, till the UN General Assembly Resolution 273 in 1949, admitting Israel to membership of the UN. In this article today, we will continue our review of the historical highlights of Peace in the Middle East in the period…

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The Golan Heights

Golan Heights, Gift and Honor

Mr. Theodoros Pangalos, Member of the Parliament in Greece, received three bottles of wine from the Embassy of Israel in Greece, as a Christmas gift, with the compliments of the Ambassador of Israel in Greece. Mr. Pangalos returned the gift to the Ambassador of Israel with the following letter: Dear Mr. Ambassador, Thank you for the 3 bottles of wine that you sent me as season's greetings. I wish you, your family and everybody in the Embassy a happy new year. Unhappily, I noticed that the wine you have sent…

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Financing Housing1

التمويل والإئتمان وحقوق الإنسان

فى مقال اليوم سوف نعرض لعدد من الموضوعات التى قد تبدو غير مترابطة ولكن بعد قراءة المقال إلى نهايته سوف يتضح أن هناك إرتباط بين موضوعات التمويل والإئتمان من ناحية وبين القضايا السياسية من الناحية الأخرى، شأن هذا الإرتباط كشأن العلاقة بين السياسة والإقتصاد فهما يعتبران وجهان لعملة واحدة من الناحية النظرية، أما من الناحية العملية على أرض الواقع فإن المساحة المتاحة لحقوق الإنسان تمثل رابطا وجسرا للعلاقة بين السياسة والحكم الرشيد من ناحية وبين الإقتصاد والتنمية الإجتماعية كما ورد فى بنود الإعلان العالمى لحقوق الإنسان والذى برغم أنه من…

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Iran Green Movement

Iranian Artists Support Green Movement

This is a statment signed by over 130 Iranian writers, actors, painters, radio and TV artists: The world has witnessed unprecedented violence and suppression against our peaceful, calm and smart people whose mere request is the right to choose their politicians, freedom, justice, free press and true democracy. Instead they were responded with terror, murder, containment and brutal violence by a government whose illegitimacy has been approved by the very anti-human measures they’ve practiced before the eyes of millions of people. We, the artists, writers, directors, film-makers and speakers acknowledge…

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Arab Summit1

أول مؤتمر قمة عربى للتنمية الإقتصادية والإجتماعية

فلسطين هى قضية العرب المحورية، هى قضية حق وشرعية وعدل وأمن وأرض وسلام وهى كذلك قضية تنمية إقتصادية وإجتماعية فى المنطقة العربية، فمراجعة للستين عام الماضية تبين أنه لولا حالة الضعف والتفكك والتأخر عن ركب التقدم العلمى لما وصلنا إلى الوضع الراهن الحزين فى فلسطين، إن التقدم الإقتصادى والإجتماعى والثقافى والعلمى والتكنولوجى من أهم محاور التعامل فى قضية فلسطين مع عالم يستجيب إلى منطق القوة ولا يعبأ بقوة المنطق ولا شرعية الحق. بمبادرة مصرية كويتية عقد فى الكويت فى ينايرالماضى (2009) أول مؤتمر قمة عربى للتنمية الإقتصادية والإجتماعية. وقد تزامن…