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Global Recession, Local Corruption

It is hard to believe this story specially in the midst of the global recession that many argue was triggered by the collapse of the housing and financial sectors in the USA, causing high unemployment rates unprecedented since the great depression, in the 1930s, and ravaging many key USA industries including the domestic auto manufacturing and its long chain of suppliers, in addition to further diminishing home values and damaging the housing industry and all its related financial services and products manufacturing for many years to come. Not to mention…

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UN Secretary General: I have my own Charisma

Upon arriving in Norway yesterday, the United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, responded to questions about the stinging criticism, we reported on August 19, from the leaked confidential letter to Norway’s Foreign Ministry from Norway's Ambassador to the UN, Ms. Mona Juul, who described Mr. Ban Ki-moon as: Ban and the UN are notable by their absence. Ban has not managed to make the United Nations into the main arena and the g20-group has filled the vacuum. Ban’s vote on behalf of the world’s poor has hardly been registered.…

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UN Ambassador Blasts UN SG

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reported today that Norway's Ambassador to the United Nations, Ms. Mona Juul, accused the United Nations Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon of  lack of charisma, weak leadership and angry outbursts. The newspaper published the “confidential letter” to Norway's foreign ministry from Ms. Juul, that included "At a time when the UN and multilateral solutions to global crises are more needed than ever, Ban and the UN are notable by their absence". Ms. Juul wrote that Mr. Ban Ki-moon showed "weak handling" of international challenges, he was…