The UN and The Queen

Queen in UN

The UN and The QueenWill the Queen’s visit to the UN influence the quest for world unity and peace? Or do actions speak louder than words?

Whenever you make a trip to Buckingham Palace, regardless of the day, month or year, American accents are always the most prominent intonation to be heard outside the palace, as eager tourists from the States excitedly ogle the British Monarch’s abode.… Read this Post

Poverty in Morocco

Marrakech 2010 053

Poverty in MoroccoAs the unevenness in wealth grows in Morocco, the age of excess needs to be replaced by an age of equality.

If I was given a Dirham every time a Moroccan person picked up my two young sons and kissed them lovingly on the cheek during our recent five-day visit to Marrakesh, I would probably have made enough money to buy myself a “meat tagine” at one of the more up-market restaurants in the city.… Read this Post