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UN Secretary General: I have my own Charisma

UN Secretary General: I have my own CharismaUpon arriving in Norway yesterday, the United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, responded to questions about the stinging criticism, we reported on August 19, from the leaked confidential letter to Norway’s Foreign Ministry from Norway’s Ambassador to the UN, Ms. Mona Juul, who described Mr. Ban Ki-moon as:

  • Ban and the UN are notable by their absence.

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UN Ambassador Blasts UN SG

UN Ambassador Blasts UN SGThe Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reported today that Norway’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Ms. Mona Juul, accused the United Nations Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon of  lack of charisma, weak leadership and angry outbursts.

The newspaper published the “confidential letter” to Norway’s foreign ministry from Ms. Juul, that included “At a time when the UN and multilateral solutions to global crises are more needed than ever, Ban and the UN are notable by their absence“.…
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